Ecommerce for Infor SX.e, FACTS and CloudSuite Distribution

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Vendor Management

  • Vendors Management
  • Each Vendor Can Have Different Shipping Setups
  • Small Order Threshold and Fee
  • Free Shipping Threshold per Vendor
  • Small Order Threshold – Example Orders below 250 will be charged a small order fee
  • Small Order Fee – $10 per transaction under the threshold amount
Vendor Management Vendors

Orders By Vendors

Orders By Vendors Vendors

Shipping Modules By Vendor

Shipping Modules By Vendor Vendors

Vendor Account Management


  • Unlimited Vendor shipping modules creations – Multi Channels
  • One (1) manufacturer at one (1) location.
  • One (1) Manufacturer with multiple locations.
  • Multiple Manufacturers from multiple locations.
  • Drop shipping model – multiple vendor from multiple locations
  • Manufacturer with multiple locations and drop shipping from different locations.


For your ecommerce store, you’re likely to be working with many different vendors. EnterpriStore’s vendor management tools make it easy to keep track of different vendor information and create settings for all the vendors your products are coming from. Within your store catalog, the Vendor Manager gives you space to enter in details for each vendor. You can assign each vendor a name and ID code to help you stay organized. You can also assign details such as the vendor’s address, contact information, price discount from MSRP, financial details, and shipping information. This page is very helpful, as all the information for each vendor can be found in one place once you’ve entered it in.

The tools also enable you to create different settings for sales from each vendor. In the shipping options, you can assign handling charges, weight limitations, and other details for each different vendor. Within the Vendor Shipping Module, you can create a unique shipping setup for each vendor. The tool allows you to enable or disable whatever options you want to apply to specific vendors.

You can also assign thresholds for free shipping to vendors. Customers might need to surpass a different total cost to obtain free shipping with different vendors, depending on what your costs are. In addition, you have the option to set thresholds for small order fees. For example, you may charge a small fee for orders below $250. These options allow you to maintain consistent profits while working with a variety of vendors, who may have different policies and costs.