Ecommerce for Infor SX.e, FACTS and CloudSuite Distribution

HTML5 Ecommerce Mobile Responsive Platform


Order / Quote Processing Management

  • Listing Of All Orders At Various Stages Of Processing
  • Admin Creation of Orders or Quotes
  • Admin Login as Customer To Create Orders On The Website
  • Send Quotes With Freight In Minutes
  • All Payment Systems
  • Avatax & DOTS Fast Tax Integrated
orders menu layout mini Orders

Order Processing Management

  • enterpriStore offers a double feature set for order creation.
  • Your customer can place and complete a total order online with freight included …. without any help from your staff.
  • Your staff can use the Ecomstor Admin Site to write product quotes with freight included (within seconds – no more calling for freight quotes) and instantly send emails to potential customers.
  • The customer can then process the order through the staff or in a special section on the website.
  • You can have a public website and another private site for your big customers to buy directly online with special prices..
  • All the invoices and emails and work orders are created by the system and are 100% customizable by you.
  • We also provide seamless integration with any Accounting program on the market. The information comes into the enterpriStore site and then can be transferred directly to the accounting system within seconds of the web transaction
forms job invoice Orders

Order or Quote Processing In Admin – Customer

Order or Quote Processing In Admin Customer Orders

Order or Quote Processing In Admin – Select Products

Order or Quote Processing In Admin Select Products Orders

Order or Quote Processing In Admin – Freight

Order or Quote Processing In Admin Freight Orders

Order or Quote Processing In Admin -Payment

Order or Quote Processing In Admin Payment Orders

Order or Quote Processing In Admin – Editing

Order or Quote Processing In Admin Editing 557x527 Orders

Orders Or Quotes


  • Complete Order management with Data Integration connectivity
  • Create orders, edit orders, review open orders, review previous orders.
  • Full search capabilities.
  • Order processing can be done through two (2) ways
  • In the Ecomstor administration area by using Create order
  • On the website by customers
  • Multiple payment options and gateways – PCI Compliant
  • Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Check
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Bank Checks Create Product List…
  • Get Freight Quotes ….
  • Create Quote or Invoice …
  • Save as Adobe PDF ….
  • Email to Customer
  • Web based Accounting Programs
  • NolaPro
  • ITX Quickbooks
  • Inacct
  • SFTB Accounting
  • Accounting Integration – eBridge
  • Order Addons – Order Motion
  • Comprehensive Site Security Setup
  • Credit Card Security
  • Fraud Screen
  • Credit Card Blacklist
  • All orders done through SSL and are PCI certified
  • Order Status – Fully Configurable
  • View A List Of orders
  • Viewed or Sorted By Status
  • Edit Order
  • Edit Status
  • View Invoice – pdf
  • View Packing Slip
  • Sort by Customers or Date Purchased
  • Create a Customer
  • Create an order For Customer
  • Choose Product or products
  • Choose Accessories
  • Choose Freight Options
  • Choose Payment method
  • Process order Order Processing Modules
    Global Quantity Discounts
    Price Break Discount
    Discount Coupons
    Gift Vouchers
    Loyalty Discount
    Low Order Fee
    Small Order Fee
    buySAFE Fee
    Processing Fee
  • Create Order From Website Admin
  • Fast Checkout For Those who don’t register
  • Choose Product or products
  • Choose Accessories
  • Go to Checkout
  • Customer Registers or Logs In
  • View Cart
  • Choose Freight Options
  • Choose Payment method
  • Process order
  • Email and Adobe pdf sent to Customer
  • Email sent to Vendors to notify of the sale
  • DOTS Fast Tax
  • Service Objects’ DOTS FastTax is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service that allows you to lookup up-to-date sales and use tax rate information for every U.S. and Canada tax jurisdiction. DOTS FastTax allows you to integrate sales and use tax rate information lookup into your applications, business processes, and Web sites
  • DOTS Address Verification
  • The DOTS Address Validation – US instantly verifies and corrects a United States street address. It does this by checking the address against a continuously updated database of United States Post Office valid street addresses and other online databases.
  • TAXES Tax Zones Tax Classes Tax Rates
  • Unlimited Setup of Tax Zones – Locations based upon State
  • Unlimited Tax Classes
  • Unlimited Tax Rates based on Tax Classes
logos1 Orders
logos2 Orders

Process Through Website

  • Customer Puts Product In The Ecommerce Site Shopping Cart
    ecomstor seo feature
  • Calculate Freight
  • Remember Freight Quote With Order
  • Purchase With Emerchant Account

Secondary Processing

  • Email Invoice To Customer
  • Sales Recorded In Customer Account
  • Order Transferred To Accounting
  • Workorder To Manufacturing
  • Email Alert To Shipping
  • Product Fulfillment


  • Shipping – Process With Pre-Established Quote
  • Order Shipping Pickup
  • Print Waybill Or BOL ( Bill Of Lading )
  • Notify Customer Of Shipment
  • Customer Can Track Shipping
  • Shipment Received
  • Notify Manufacturer Shipping Department

Secondary Shipping Processing

  • Pay Shipping Invoice
  • Pay 3rd Party ( Dropshipping)

Final Review

  • Compare Shipping Rates To Actual Shipping Cost
  • Make Adjustments
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EnterpriStore’s tools make placing orders easy, both from your customers’ perspective and from yours. Customers will benefit from comprehensive credit card security, a range of payment options, and fraud protection. As an additional benefit, customers can place a complete order online, and the freight price will be automatically calculated. That means that your staff doesn’t have to waste time obtaining freight quotes. You can also give a customer a custom price quote, again including the freight price. A menu with the different freight options makes it easy for you to choose the right delivery time, freight provider, and price. This tool makes the quoting process much simpler. You can also use EnterpriStore tools to automatically send out invoices and emails. The system creates templates for invoices and emails, which can be 100% customized.

You can also keep track of all customer orders through the Admin section of your site. The Orders page lists all orders at the different stages of processing. This enables you to find and monitor any orders going through your site. From the admin section, you can review all open orders and previous orders. You can also edit existing orders. In addition, you have the option to log on as a customer and create orders.

EnterpriStore is compatible with any accounting program on the market, including NolaPro, ITX Quickbooks, Inacct, SFTB Accounting, and more. Information from orders through your ecommerce site will be automatically transferred to your accounting system within seconds. This makes your record-keeping much easier and will also make it more accurate. EnterpriStore is also Avatax and DOTS Fast Tax integrated. This will make tax season much easier for you.