Admin Layout

enterpriStore’s admin layout is designed to make accessing and making changes to all parts of your site as easy as possible. The Quick View tab includes the most important and most frequently accessed parts of your ecommerce site: store info, products, customers, orders, and reports. You can simply click on any of these categories to quickly move to the template for that section of the site. The layout makes navigation easy so that you won’t waste time trying to get around.

The layout also makes important information easy to find. On your Quick View page, you’ll see essential basic statistics, such as the number of active products and number of pending orders. These numbers make it easy to see where your attention is needed. The Quick View page also includes a graph of your gross sales over 12 months. This graph allows you to easily track your progress and keeps your overall sales fresh in your mind.

The admin layout also includes an integrated browser. This makes it easy and fast to search for any websites or information you need while maintaining your site. You can also use the integrated browser to see where you website turns up in Google search results. This makes it a handy tool for testing SEO.

The main admin layout also includes a sitemap, with links to every page of your site. This page means that you can quickly get to any area of your site with a single click. It will keep you organized and make sure that nothing gets lost.

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Integrated Browser

Integrated Browser Admin Layout Main

Menu Site Map

Menu Site Map 530x520 Admin Layout Main