Ecommerce for Infor SX.e, FACTS and CloudSuite Distribution

HTML5 Ecommerce Mobile Responsive Platform

Services / Support

Pricing – enterpriStore 2024 & enterpriStore 2024 Custom

Lets Us Give You A Proposal Based On What You Specify

enterpriStore 2024

enterpriStore 2024 software is based on the number of Infor ERP Users.

  • Includes super fast hosting and monthly maintenance upgrades.
  • No custom programming or source code.

enterpriStore 2024 has everything you would ever need for Ecommerce and it’s feature list is always expanding. We provide a site with the software installed and hosting and you are ready to go. You can add professional services as you need them. We monetize our business by offering professional services to setup our site and get you selling and processing orders.

  • osCommerce Compatible Program Upgrade / Conversions
  • Administration Site Setup
  • Marketing Merchandizing Setup
  • Graphic Images
  • Product / Category / SEO Setup

enterpriStore 2024 Custom

enterpriStore 2024 Custom pricing listed below – We have many methods for purchase.

  • Includes upgrades and monthly maintenance – source code available for additional fee.

enterpriStore 2024 is our premier platform and is available for programming customization. This means 100 % control. Your Ecommerce platform can finally express your business model with no unwanted features or missing features.

Professional Services

Professional Services – Paid On A One Time Basis

Site and Database Conversions

Installation On Your Hosting Server

We install enterpriStore to your web server via FTP. We setup your databases and you are ready to roll. Must have VPS with Cpanel minimum. (See Hosting Below).

  • Ftp Address
  • User Login
  • User Password
  • IP Address
  • User Login
  • User Password
  • Www.Yoursite.Com/Cpanel

osCommerce Compatible Program Conversions

Move a copy of your current site from your current web hosting provider. This includes all the database files and images. We convert database from your programs version and copy to our database structure.

  • Ftp Address
  • User Login
  • User Password
  • IP Address
  • User Login
  • User Password
  • Www.Yoursite.Com/Cpanel
Mysql Transfers
  • Database Name
  • Database Login
  • Database Password
  • * Permission Granted For Remote Access

Full Site Setup

General Site Info
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • City, St ZIP
  • Phone Number & Ext
  • Cell Number
  • Fax Number
  • Main Email Address
  • States Where You Have A Taxable Presence ?
  • Sell Domestic Or International?
  • Federal Tax Id


  • Ftp Address
  • User Login
  • User Password
  • IP Address


  • User Login
  • User Password
  • Www.Yoursite.Com/Cpanel

Mysql Transfers

  • Database Name
  • Database Login
  • Database Password
  • * Permission Granted For Remote Access


  • Facebook Link
  • Twitter Link
  • Linkedin Link
  • Youtune Link
  • Ebay Link
  • Amazon Link

** All Accounts Below Require:

  • User Login
  • User Password

** Shipping Account Number

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Fedex

** LTL Freight Numbers

  • Worldwide Express

** Payment

  • Paypal
  • Cresecure
  • Amazon
  • Google Checkout

** Webmaster Tools

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing

** SEO Tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense

** Tax Calculations

  • Avatax
  • Service Objects

Email Notification

  • Who Will Receive The Emails
Email Setup
  • Header And Footer For Email


  • Configure Template For Initial View – Colors And Fonts And Page Layout
  • Left Menu Setup
  • No Left Menu -Full Page
  • Left Menu Structure And Infoboxes

Page Management

  • Information Box Pages
  • Footer Area Pages
  • Footer Area Categories

Customer Groups Setup

  • Price Levels
  • Tax And Non Tax
  • Taxable States
  • Avatax Sales Tax Calculation
  • Shipping Amount Threshold

Setup Shipping Modules

  • Free Shipping Zones Exclusions
  • Shipping Calculator Exclusions
  • Ltl Weights
  • Cube Weights
Choose Who To Show
  • Estimate Freight
  • Quotation During Checkout

Setup Payment Modules

  • Choose Vendor

Database & Files Backup

  • Auto Backup Configuration – Set Time


  • Setup Groups
  • Setup Members

FAQ Setup

  • My Account
  • Order Information
  • Payments & Billing
  • Policies & Returns
  • Shipping & Delivery
  • General Information

You will need to supply this information.

Marketing Merchandizing Setup

All product and categories must be setup and the site ready.

Merchandizing Manager – SEO Landing Pages

  • Setup Landing and 5 Pages

Collections – Multiple Lines of Product For Same Manufacturer

  • Setup Landing and 5 Pages

Cross Sell Products – Auto generated from Next level Up on Category Tree

  • Run Setup

Up Sell Products – Auto generated On Category – Displays Higher prices / Lower Prices Similar Item

  • Run Setup
  • Banner Manager – 5 or 6 Images Setup
  • Provide the images and text and we reformat .
  • Top Link
Google Adsense Setup

  • Need Login and Password
  • Setup locations of ads

Home Page Tabs – 4

  • Setup Featured
  • Setup New Products
  • Setup Best Sellers
  • Setup Promotions

Sales And Clearance Pages

  • Create a Sales Landing Page
  • Create a Clearance Landing Page

Categories, Products And SEO Must Be Setup First

Graphic Images Customizations

We will have a graphic artist customize your site and make look like an existing site or a new site. You choose the colors and the fonts. You will need to provide product and industry related images to use as basis for the designs. We will create a couple of background designs and use in many places. It is imperative for Best Practices that we present a consistent look and feel throughout the site.

Standard Graphics

  • Company Logo
  • Banner Graphics – Look for Logo Banner Area
  • Provide Text

Login Page – Top And Bottom

  • Phone Number, Email, Chat, Hours

Footer Buyer Images

  • Use What Is Provided If Desired
  • My Account Graphic Left menu – Link and Looks
  • Quick Order
  • Catalog Order
  • Order History
  • Track Order
  • Shopping List
  • Wish Lists
  • Shopping Carts

Informational Contact Us

  • Phone Number, Email, Chat, Hours

My Accounts Area Images

  • View Order History
  • View / Print Invoices
  • View Saved Carts
  • Manage Shopping List
  • Manage Wish List
  • Quick Catalog Order
  • Give Us Your Feedback
  • View My Addresses

Graphic Site Setup

  • Change Info Buttons
  • Change Action Buttons

Header And Footer For Email

  • Provide Look and Info for each

Images That Will Require Text from Customer

  • 5 Or 6 Graphics For Scroller
  • You will need to provide image and text for each slide

On Sale Graphic

  • Text under On Sale

Clearance Graphic

  • Text under On Sale

Shop Secure Images

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • In House Developed
  • Quality Service
  • Custom Code
  • Since 2005

Questions Images

  • We’re Here To Help
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Response usually within 24 hours

Customer Service Images

  • Call 213-984-1314

Collections Pages – View Only Specific Collections

  • Text under On Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You Have Questions – We Have Answers
  • 9am – 5pm PST

Your Privacy Matters

  • Name Of Company – will not share your information with a third part
  • We respect your privacy and we adhere to strict industry guidelines and practices to protect the personal

information that you share with us,

Why We Are Different

  • Four Positive Things
  • Ecommerce Best Practices
  • Ltl :Live Quotes”
  • Custom Programming

Main Areas Of The Program Graphics – You Can Revise The Text Here
Manufacturing / Brands
Merchandising Pages – Landing Page For All Promotions

  • Text under On Sale

On Sale

  • Outstanding Savings
  • Supplies Are Limited – Buy Today


  • Outstanding Savings
  • Supplies Are Limited – Buy Today


  • Click On A Link For More Information


  • This Is The Gateway To The Entire Site
  • Click and Go

Quick Order

  • Find The Product – Add To Cart
  • Everything On One Page

Advanced Search

  • Our Search Will Find Anything
  • Enter As Much Information As You Can And Search

My Account

  • Everything You Need To Manage Your Account

Write Review

  • Tell Us Your Opinion

Tell A Friend

  • Let Them Know You Are Thinking About Them

Customer Service Area

  • Administration Area For Customer Service

Variable Images

  • Category Word Cloud Images – Variable
  • Category Images For Each Structure – Variable
  • Manufacturer Images – Variable

Special Graphics – .png, .jpg

  • Price per graphic. These are special graphics for each page. These graphics are made based on the design you desire. You must give us a detailed desire of the look and feel you desire.

Flash Graphics / Java Scroller –

  • We create an Adobe flash of your products and images. We require that you send examples to tell us exactly what you desire. Our Flash skills are very advanced and we can create anything you show us you desire to emulate.

Product / Category / SEO Setup- Variable

We take your products and images and insert them into the database. You are required to supply all the information via an Excel Spreadsheet or other means. The more organized your data, the cheaper the cost to convert it into Ecommerce ready products.

Products / Catalog / SEO

  • Customer To Provide Excel Spreadsheet Of Data.

Manufacturer Setup

  • Name, Address, Telephone, Email
  • Logo Image
  • Featured, Scroller

Vendor Setup

  • Name, Address, Telephone, Email
  • Logo Image
  • Small Order Charge
  • Free Shipping Thresholds
  • Vendor Shipping Setup

Product Images Resizing

  • From Single Image To
  • 165 X165
  • 280 X 280
  • 400 X 400

Setup Category And Products Structure

  • Insert Categories and Product
  • Extra Fields Setup For Faceting
  • Faceted Navigation Setup

Product Data Extras – Quote

  • Options And Attributes
  • Multiple Price Product Groups


  • Meta Tags Setup
  • Word Cloud Tags Setup
  • Category Word Cloud Setup
  • Manufacturers Featured
  • Create Google Site Map
  • Static Pages Setup
  • Submit To Shop Search Engines