Ecommerce for Infor SX.e, FACTS and CloudSuite Distribution

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Special Features

These are features that may or may not be on your current Ecommerce system.

Special Features

There are a number of tools that can make running an ecommerce site even easier and more effective. EnterpriStore has built a large selection of special features that you can opt to add on to your ecommerce site. These features are optional, so you can customize a site that includes the options you want. The special features include quotation systems, language tools, extra security, and third party add-ons. EnterpriStore has partnered with a number of high-quality professional organizations whose tools you can integrate into your site. This gives you a great selection of extra options, which both you and your customers will find highly valuable. Together with EnterpriStore, you can customize a package of features to create the perfect website for your business.

One of the most useful special features offered by EnterpriStore is the intelligent quotations system. If you’re completing large orders, you need to ship using LTL instead of UPS or FedEx. This means obtaining freight quotes for your customers. Right now you may spend hours on the phone or fax working to get quotes. By working with, EnterpriStore makes this process almost instant. By entering their shipping and product information, customers can see a selection of competitive quotes for their order. This helps them to place orders more easily.

EnterpriStore’s special features also include a number of tools to improve navigation for your customers. You can opt to include search spring navigation, a set of smart search options that intuitively help customers to sort through search results. Search spring navigation includes tools such as rich auto complete, category navigation, and auto SEO. EnterpriStore has also created a language localization feature. You can choose from the top thirteen most common languages in the world and instantly translate your entire website into the language you choose.

You’ll also find special features that synch with Google and other search engines. This includes being fully enabled to use Google Adsense. From the Admin menu, you can easily create and edit banners that are integrated with Google Adsense. This can help you to generate some extra revenue or to promote your products. EnterpriStore has also been optimized to work well with every kind of search engine, including specific shopping search engines. You’ll get great SEO and connectivity to marketplaces, web stores, search engines, and comparison sites. You can also export configuration profiles customized to different search engines. This will help to improve your search engine rankings and bring in more traffic.

The special features include multiple tools to enhance your site’s security. The first is Cresecure, a PCI certified payment processing system.Cresecure enables a number of payment options by connecting to major banks and processors. It will keep all payments secure while enabling customers to complete the entire checkout process on your website. EnterpriStore also has a comprehensive security system. Your site will be protected by PHP scripting, data encryption, server authentication, a firewall, and more. This keeps all of your data and your customers’ transactions completely secure.

There are a number of special features you can integrate into your ecommerce site. One is Infor SX.e ERP, a powerful system for managing the details of distribution. Infor will help you to manage stocked products, transactions, suppliers, and customers. It’s a very useful tool that is entirely integrated with EnterpriStore. If you need to connect your ecommerce site to other third parties, EnterpriStore offers intelligent connect, which enables you to connect your store to any third party accounting, ERP, and supply chain systems. Intelligent Connect also enables you to save and transfer your data easily.