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Ecommerce PCI Certifications

PCI Certified Payment Payment Processing Cresecure

CRE SecureTM, a trusted, hosted payment acceptance service for online retailers, takes the worry out of credit card security and Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules. That´s because CRE Secure is the only PCI-certified payment system that seamlessly connects your existing shopping cart program to the major banks and processors.
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Best of all, CRE SecureTM gives your online shoppers a smooth ride-from shopping cart to checkout-because it offers the only checkout page that automatically “clones” your store´s website design.

  • No harsh transitions from your store to another company´s ugly checkout page.
  • Higher security without additional setup, hosting and auditing costs.
  • Fewer abandoned shopping carts and more completed orders.
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Ecommerce PCI Certifications

For any ecommerce site, it’s very important to have PCI (payment card industry) certifications. PCI standards apply to all organizations that process cardholder data for credit cards and debit cards. As an ecommerce company, you fall into that category and will need to make sure that you follow the proper security standards. Card brands establish their own compliance requirements, which will then be enforced by service providers. These standards relate to keeping card data secure by preventing, detecting, and reacting to any security threats. The PCI Security Standards Council provides general guidelines to PCI standards and provides certification to organizations that have proven themselves to excel at meeting PCI standards.

EnterpriStore has teamed up with one of the most trusted payment accepted service, CRE Secure. CRE Secure is PCI certified, meaning that you don’t have to worry about whether your company is meeting PCI standards from every different credit card brand and payment processor. CRE Secure protects the security of all of your card data.

CRE Secure also makes the payment process as easy as possible for both you and your customers. It seamlessly connects your site’s shopping cart to the checkout process of major banks and payment processors. CRE Secure copies the format of your website design and uses it for the checkout page. For your customers, this means they can use their favorite trusted bank or payment processor without ever seeming to leave your site’s environment. It’s a smooth transition and easy process that will keep things as simple and secure as possible for your customers.