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Integrazon Connectivity

Integrazon Types

How would you like a program that will connect you to everything? Increase features.. upgrade features? Ecommerce, Content management, Crm, Blogs, Forums, Social networks …

Get all plus Ecommerce….. Move to Integrazon and get all this…..

Able To Share Data Between Applications. Integrazon Can Integrate To Any Software or Database… ( See List )

Internal Use

  • Internal Use From Within enterpriStore Admin
  • Conveniently Locates All Your Work In One (1) Place
  • External Third Party
  • Server Based Linux Programs, Apache, Php & MySql,
  • Server Based Windows Server Programs, IIS, Net, Asp, SQL Server
  • Linux Based Third Party – Hosted Application
    (SAAS – Software as Service )
  • Windows Based Third Party – Hosted Application
    (SAAS – Software as Service )
Display Links On Website – Complete Accessibility

  • Link On the Website Using InfoBox (Vertical Menu)
  • Link On the Website Using Wysiwyg Editable Page
  • Link On the Website Using An Information Page
  • Link On the Website Using The Footer

Opens Three (3) Ways

  • New Window
  • Same Window (Header and Full Page) View
  • Same Window (Header and Content Partial Page) View

Integrazon Examples – Location On Menu

Integrazon Examples Location On Menu1 Integrazon Connectivity

View Of Site Within Admin

Under The Header 557x326 Integrazon Connectivity

Setup View On The Website

Setup View On The Website Integrazon Connectivity

Configure Infoboxes – Choice Addons To Connect

Configure Infoboxes Choice Addons To Connect1 Integrazon Connectivity

Choice A Text Link or A Banner Graphics or Flash – To Display On Page

integrazon joomla infobox config02 Integrazon Connectivity

Available Addons

Available Addons Integrazon Connectivity

Integrazon – Display On Website – Lower Left Hand Corner

integrazon joomla view01 556x315 Integrazon Connectivity

Integrazon – Display On Website ( Opens 3 Ways )

Under The Header

Under The Header Integrazon Connectivity

Header and Left Column

Header and Left Column Integrazon Connectivity

Opens As A Full Web Site

integrazon joomla view03 Integrazon Connectivity

Integrazon – Addons

wordpress logo s31 Integrazon Connectivity
drupal2.gif1 Integrazon Connectivity
Content Management
phpnuke logo s32 Integrazon Connectivity
Content Management
gallery2 s32 Integrazon Connectivity
Image Management
feedonfeeds22 Integrazon Connectivity
osticket2 s22 Integrazon Connectivity
Email Support
phpchat22 Integrazon Connectivity
Live Chat
noahclass s32 Integrazon Connectivity
b2bevolution s31 Integrazon Connectivity
xoops s32 Integrazon Connectivity
Content Management
ocportal s32 Integrazon Connectivity
Content Management
coppermine s32 Integrazon Connectivity
Image Management
phpmyfaq s22 Integrazon Connectivity
FAQ & Knowledge Base
phpbb s22 Integrazon Connectivity
helpcenterlive22 181x28 Integrazon Connectivity
Live Chat
openx s21 Integrazon Connectivity
joomla s41 Integrazon Connectivity
Content Management
postnukez22 Integrazon Connectivity
Content Management
webcards22 Integrazon Connectivity
mediawiki logo22 Integrazon Connectivity
sugarcrm22 Integrazon Connectivity
CRM Enterprise
smf logo s22 Integrazon Connectivity
phplist232 Integrazon Connectivity
Email Marketing


At EnterpriStore, we integrate with everyone. Integrazon is one of our central integration tools. It enables you to integrate with all of your favorite programs so that you can connect extra features, content, and tools to your ecommerce site. Integrazon enables you to share data between applications, so you can integrate your site with any software or database. This means that you’ll be able to connect your site to blogs, social networks, forums, content management tools, image management tools, RSS feeds, email marketing, and more. Just some of the popular sites you can connect to using Integrazon are: WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Zikula, OCPortal, Web Cards, MediaWiki, Feed on Feeds, SugarCRM, OSTicket, phpBB, and Noah’s Classifieds. There’s a wide range of options so you can connect to your favorite sites and tools.

Integrazon means that you can instantly share data across multiple sites, and you can manage content on other sites right from EnterpriStore. If, for example, you have a website using another server, you can connect it to EnterpriStore to display within your ecommerce site. This puts everything you’re managing in one place, making it convenient for both you and your customers. You can also create infoboxes with integrated content. You’ll be able to customize these infoboxes with formatting and colors of your choice to make sure the style matches your site perfectly. From within your Admin menu, you’ll be able to see and manage all of the addons you’ve installed. This makes it easy to keep track of all of your additional content.