Ecommerce for Infor SX.e, FACTS and CloudSuite Distribution

HTML5 Ecommerce Mobile Responsive Platform

Ecommerce Features

enterpriStore Comprehensive Feature Listing

enterpristore features graphic Ecommerce Features

System Summary – Ecommerce Best Practice Design And Layout

  • Easy To Use – Template Controlled / No Programming – Graphics Enhanced Wysiwyg Template Ecommerce Site – Content Rich Product & Customer Focused Merchandising With Editable Wysiwyg Sections For Every Page & Provides Unlimited Website Layout Configurations
  • Front End Website, Index Page – Full Size, Detailed Horizontal Menu, Index Page – 2 Columns,Products Tab Scroller, Rotating Banner, Category Pages, Internal Faceted Guided Navigation, Product Pages, Multiple Product Sizes, Product Options / Attributes
  • Special Pages, Manufacturers Pages, Catalog Order, Catalog Products Tree, Policy Pages, Quick Order, Print Catalog, Email / Pdf Each Page, Site Map, Contact Us
  • Categories & Products, Product Reviews, Category Pages, Products Results Pages, Faceted Navigation. Product Page – 4 Info Tabs, Product Options / Attributes, Multiple Product Sizes,
  • Checkout Process, Login Account Creation, Shopping Cart, Shipping, Payment, Confirmation, Order Summary
  • Merchandizing / Promotions Merchandizing Pages, Collection Pages, Manufacturer Pages, Sales Countdowns, Customer Tracking / Recommendations, Vouchers, Up Sells, Cross Sells, Recently Viewed History, Discounts, Specials, Coupons, Featured Scrolling Tabs, Rotating Banners
  • Seo, Seo Url’s, Product Names, Seo Image Names And Alt Tags, Seo Unique Metatags Keywords, Google, Yahoo, Msn Site Maps, Static Page Generation, Google Ecommerce Analytics, Category Word Clouds
  • Advanced Search, Full Text Search -All Fields, Faceted Product Search Results, Google Style Search Hints
  • Shipping, Parcel (Ups, Fedex, Dhl) LTL, TL Carrier Freight, (ABF,, Freightcenter, Fedex Freight, Con-way, Yellow, USF, DB Schenker, SMC3 Worldwide Express.) Online Quotes, Pickup, Tracking & BOL Generation, Free Shipping Thresholds, Estimate Freight, Instant Product Availability
  • Orders, Login As A Customer, Iq – Customers / Distributors Login, Avalara Tax / Service Objects, Process Quotes – Front/Back, Intelligent Quotations, Tiered Pricing & Tax, Credit Cards, Paypal, Amazon
  • My Account – Csm, Account Management, View Invoices, Track Orders, View Order History, Manage Wish Lists, Manage Saved Carts, Manage Shopping Lists, Catalog Quick Order, Loyalty Program, Quick Orders, Customer Survey, Recently Viewed History
  • Admin Backend,System Logs, User Logs, System Backup, Database Backup, User System Rights Access, Customer Service Screen, Insert 3rd Party Scripts, Email Templates / Email Notifications, 70 Plus Wysiwyg Areas, Language Localization, Google Adsense Enabled, Estimate Shipping, Payment Modules, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Shop Search Engines, Pci Certifications, Intelligent Connect, Special 3rd Party, Search Spring Search & Faceting, Infor Sx Integration,
  • Addons,100 3rd Party Integration Programs, Integrazon & Installatron, Live Chat, Help Desk, Support Tickets, Faq, Forums, Report Writers, Office Suites, Desktop Sharing, Link Exchange, Banners Ads, Google Adsense, Classifieds, Polls & Surveys, Email Marketing, Blogs, Wikis, Articles, Video & Podcasting

EcomStor /enterpriStore Shared Features

Ecomstor SEO & Interrpristor are 4th generation web based osCommerce Ecommerce software webware programs. Seven (7) years of programming to enhance the osCommerce 2.2 platform.

  • 4th Generation Graphics Enhanced Wysiwyg Template Ecommerce Site
  • Content Rich Product & Customer Focused Merchandising
  • Convert osCommerce compatible sites in One (1) day.
  • Easy & affordable ways to purchase lease and host our unlimited use solutions.

Email, Desktop, Telephone Support – Training – Onsite and Over Phone – Professional Services – Managed Ecommerce

  • Open Conversion – osCommerce, CRE Loaded, osCMax, Zen Cart
  • 100% osCommerce – Payment & Freight Modules
  • 100% Customizable – Wysiwyg Templates / Browser Based
  • No Programming Involved – Easy & Powerful
  • Editable Wysiwyg Sections for Every Page
  • Provides Unlimited Website Layout Configurations
  • PHP For Speed and Java Script (Ajax) For Usability
  • Scalable Hosting
  • Guaranteed Reliability
  • Data Redundancy
  • PCI Compliant Hosting
  • CISP Certified Hosting
  • 24 x 7 x 365 – Site Surveillance
  • 2x Login Access – Audit Trails
  • Technical Resources
System Description

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • PHP 5.0 & Java Ajax Enabled
  • Centos – Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Enterprise MySQL Database Server
  • Tier 1, SAS 70 DataCenter, PCI Complaint
  • Google XML Sitemap

Website Front End

Home Page

Best Practice Design and Layout

Easy Navigation from Home page to all locations

  • Major Pages Layout
  • Index Page – 1 column
  • Index Page – 2 columns
  • Products Tab Scroller
  • Rotating Banner -700 & 1000 Sizes
  • Wysiwyg Editable Areas:
  • 2 Top, 2 Middle,2 Bottom
  • Footer Page
Manufacturers Scroller
  • Lists all manufacturers in editable order
  • Manufacturer page list all manufacturers by Featured and Standard
  • Alpha listing of manufacturer
  • Specific manufacturers pages shows all products
Catalog Quick Order
  • Allows fast ordering of products by catalog number
Order Status
  • Allow all customers to get a shipping / delivery status update
Two (2) Horizontal Menus Styles
  • Detailed
  • Easy View
JavaScript Rotating Scoller of Category / Product and Advertisements
  • Easy user interface
Tabbed Merchandizing of products displays user editable
  • Special
  • Featured
  • New Products
  • Best Seller
JavaScript Mini Page Shopping Cart
  • Easy view of products in the shopping cart
Editable Wysiwyg Areas
  • Top of Index page
  • Left menu
  • Middle of page
  • Bottom of Index Page
  • Footer links
Live Interactive Catalog PDF View
Left Navigation Menu Wysiwyg Area
  • Footer Wysiwyg Area
  • Links to Footer Pages
  • Links to
  • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, RSS, Share
  • Email Signup
  • Sitemaps
  • Legal notice
  • Privacy Policy
Home – Index Page
  • Advanced Search
  • Contact Us
  • Customer Service
  • My Account
  • Login / Register
  • Products Tree
  • Search Box
  • Quick Order
  • Catalog Printing
  • Footer Link Pages – Page link or URL Override to Link to Programmed Page
  • About Us
  • Our Brands
  • Site Map
  • Literature
  • Request A Quote
  • FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions
  • Contact Us
  • Payment Methods
  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Returns & Exchanges
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Secure Shopping
  • Privacy Policy
Social Engine Links
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • RSS Feed
  • Bookmark & Share

Category Pages

Editable Wysiwyg page for each category
  • Choose featured manufacturers
  • Displays Simple Navigation of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels of products
  • Left menu navigation display of next lower levels
  • Shop By Brand link shows all product by manufacturer in specific category
Products results page
  • Displayed using two (2) methods
  • Ecommerce standard
  • Searchspring faceted
Products ordering is customizable from admin
  • Alpha display
  • Preferred manufacturers ordering
  • Fixed order
Redisplayed on page pulldown sort
  • Relevancy
  • Brand A- Z and Z-A
  • Price High to low and Low to high
  • Alphabetical
Product Quick View popup
  • Display all product information without going to actual product page
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Freeshipping
  • Material
  • Handle
  • Length, Depth and Height
  • Capacity
  • Color
Integrated Content pages with optimized SEO
  • JavaScript animated left menu
Left menu listing
  • Show lower levels of secondary and tertiary category groups
  • Springsearch faceted search – filtered by any attribute you desire
Compare product specifications
  • Select and compare up to four (4) products
Category Products Results Page
  • Shows Next Set Of categories with number of products
  • Category Faceting
  • Product Faceting
  • Category Word Clouds
Faceting and Guided Navigation
  • Sort By, Manufacturers, Price, Names
Products Results Display
  • Image
  • Names
  • Price
  • Estimate Shipping
  • Qty
  • Add To Cart
  • Review
  • Free Shipping Eligible
  • Quick View Enable View of Product Page Info
  • Category and product faceted guided navigations allow your customer to refine their selection of products to be viewed by choosing product attributes they want to view.
  • Faceted Search provides a framework to focus on desired products by removing the undesired products from their view. Focus is then ONLY desired products.
  • Each choose provide fewer and fewer products meeting the search criteria of the Customer and enables the Customer to find what they want based on criteria that is important to their search.

Product Page

Full page layout
  • Right menu is wysiwyg editable area
Product Information is three (3) tabbed
  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • Reviews
Page Special Features
In Stock or factory Direct Product
Free Shipping Thresholds
  • Variable thresholds for each product or manufacturer or customer type.
Display of Manufacturer logo
  • Links to all manufacturers products
Add to Cart Button
  • Leaves the customer on the page and does not take them to checkout
Facebook Like Button
  • User can vote for products
Wish List
  • Add the product to customer private multiple Wishlists
Shopping List
  • Add the product to customer private multiple Shopping lists
Email this Page
  • Send the page information via email to yourself or a friend
Print this Page
  • Print the page directly to your desktop
Bookmark and Share
  • Links to Social Networks
Product Upsells – Vertical right menu
  • Shows other products in the same category to upsell the item in review
  • Admin editable chooses
Product Crosssells
  • Shows other related products in related categories to provide other buying ideas.
  • Admin editable chooses
Your Recent History
  • Displays the most recent pages visited and offers more buying ideas related to these categories
Product Reviews / Voting
  • Allows registered user to write and publish reviews
  • All reviews must be approved in admin
  • Allows voting on reviews by non registered users
Product Pages
  • Breadcrumb to product and backtracking
  • Product Title
  • Product ID
  • In-Stock – Special Message
  • Price
  • Discounted Price
  • Percent Off MSRP
  • Quantity Box
  • Sold As (Sizes)
  • Add To Cart
  • Estimate Shipping
  • Add To Wishlist
  • Add To Shopping List
  • Email This Page
  • Print This Page
  • Vertical menu with all other products in that Category
  • Questions – Link and Popup
  • Product Image
  • Product Image Enhanced
  • Product Image – Min Pictures
  • Product Image Magnifier
  • Write A Review
  • Review Stars
  • Bookmark & Share
  • Facebook Like
Product Information Tabs
  • Overview – 3 Wysiwyg Areas
  • Specifications
  • Reviews
  • Video Tab
  • Accessories – Form Of Crossells
  • Extra Photos Tab
  • Upsells / Crossells for the Product Displayed
  • Customer Who Viewed This Item
  • Your Recent History
  • Collections – When a Specific Manufacturer has collections within their brand – we will place a link to those.
  • Multiple Product Sizes
  • Product Options / Attributes

Shopping Carts

Shopping Cart
Free Shipping Messages
  • Tell the customer how much they need to add to the cart to get free shipping based
    Free shipping message for In Stock and Factory Direct orders ( manufacturer specific)
Save the Cart
  • Save the contents of the cart with user definable name for future use
Email the Cart
  • Email the cart to yourself or another person
Wish List
  • Add the product to customer private multiple Wishlists
Shopping List
  • Add the product to customer private multiple Shopping lists
Promotional Code
  • Add coupon code and order or parts of the order are discounted
Estimate Standard Shipping Costs
  • Get a quick estimate of shipping costs.
Review Order
  • Sends the order to Customer service for review and follow-up
Shopping Cart Cross sells and Upsells
  • Based upon the contents of the shopping cart to promote more sales opportunities
My Shopping Cart – Mini
  • Viewable On All Pages
  • View Cart
  • Clear Cart
  • Checkout
Shopping Cart
  • Messaging for Incentive to purchase more for Free Shipping
  • Free Shipping Calculated on In Stock Products
  • Free Shipping Calculated On Select Factory Direct Products
  • Sign Into Account
  • Create a New Account
  • Free Shipping Program Popup
  • Continue Shopping Button
  • Save This Cart Button
  • Checkout Button
Product Item Listings
  • Mini Image
  • Product name – Clickable Brings up Product Description Popup so Customer does not leave the page
  • Product Item Number
  • Sold As – Size
  • In Stock or factory Direct
  • Add To Shopping List
  • Add To Wish List
  • Ships Free messaging if applicable
  • Quantity
  • Retail price
  • Your Price
  • Total
  • Remove Items

Promotional Codes – Process Coupons for Discounts

Checkout Process
View Cart Welcome Shipping Payment Review Order Confirmation

View Cart – Shopping Cart
  • Save Cart
  • Save Products to Shopping List of Wish list
  • Email Cart
  • Review Order – Sends Cart to Customer Service
  • Email Cart and Save Cart to My Account.
  • Process Order or Quote
  • Login
  • Safe shopping secure Login / Registration
  • Open New Account
  • Process and Order as New Account or Guest.
  • Forget Password
  • Customer Specific Free Shipping Thresholds
  • In Stock Free Shipping Thresholds
  • Factory Direct Free Shipping Thresholds
  • Shipping Address
  • Change Shipping Address
Shipping Method
  • Each Different Ship From Location has a possible two (2) different listing depending if it is shipped via Ups and an LTL Carrier.
  • Free Shipping- Based
  • UPS Shipping
  • LTL Shipping
  • Listing of items in the Shipment and a Pull down to select the shipping option you desire.
  • When there are multiple locations where a product may be fulfilled from – we can designate the shipper based on Zip codes.
  • Back Button to Edit Shopping Cart
  • Payment
  • Credit Cards
  • Pay By Check
  • Quote Only
Review Order
  • Detailed Listing Of Products
  • Delivery Address – Editable
  • Billing Address – Editable
  • Payment Info – Editable
  • Click Box – I have read the Terms & Conditions and I agree to them.
  • Process Order Button
Confirmation Page
  • Order Confirmation Info
  • Order Summary – Email and Pdf sent to Customer
  • Shipping Information – Customer provides
  • Your Account – Link to MY Account to view all past and open orders
  • Upsells on Page – You May Also Like
  • Feedback Link
  • Customer Survey Link

Advanced Search and Results

Faceted / Guided Navigation For All Search Results
  • Google Style – Ajax Search Results Change By Addition of Letters – Gives Possible Product Names
  • Error Checking – Auto Suggestions Based On Incorrect Spelling
  • Stop Word Lists On Searches
Full Text Search
  • Product Name
  • Products Description
  • Products Model Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Extra Fields – Faceted

My Accounts – Customer Service Portal

Account Management
  • Update & Edit Profile
  • Manage Users
  • Change Preferences
Order Activity
  • View / Print Invoices
  • View My Addresses
  • Track My Order
  • View Order History
  • Quick Catalog Order
  • View Saved Carts
  • Manage Shopping List
  • Manage Wish List
  • Quick Order
  • Recently Viewed Items
  • Loyalty Program
  • Request a Quote
  • Give Us Your Feedback

Brands / Manufacturers

  • Brands / Manufacturer Scroller Of Logos On Index Page
  • Listing of Featured Manufacturers
  • Listing Of All Manufacturers By Alpha
  • Faceted Search Results On All Manufacturers

Store Management

Admin Features
  • Email Notifications
  • Email Templates
Unlimited Layout Designs
  • Regular – Vertical Left Menu
  • Regular – Vertical Right Menu
  • Regular – Both Menus – Left and Right
  • Horizontal Menu
  • Landing Pages
  • Catalog Pages
  • Splash pages
  • Google Adsence Pages
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Distributor Login Pages
Create Your Own Layout Templates
  • Free Flow Pages or Freeform Hybrid
  • Copy/paste in any HTML, PHP, ASP, Net, or Java Page
  • Copy and paste code from Dreamweaver or any HTML editor
  • Catalog views – row or tables
  • 3 product page layouts
  • Product detail tabs
Hybrid HTML / PHP Page – Static for SEO, Dynamic when hit
  • Unlike a PHP or ASP page which sits in a database until the page is called to display, we create a hybrid page.
  • It is both a HTML static page and dynamic page; it is always up and it acts like a dynamic page after clicking on it.
  • Every page has a static page that can be submitted to the search engines with meta tags, keywords, word clouds, etc.
  • This is the same technology as, the largest e-commerce site in the world.
Site Manager / HTML WYSIWYG Editor
  • Visualedit
  • Ektron
  • Cute Editor for PHP
  • Easy Edit
  • Editlet
  • Google Sites
Template WYSIWYG HTML editable areas – 30 unique locations where you can insert your own content, including:
  • HTML page
  • HTML & graphics
  • One hundred (100) graphics with embedded links
  • Adobe Flash clips
100% GUI Template Management
  • Control the background, colors, fonts, graphic look-and-feel for the entire site.
  • Multiple templates per site
  • 100% template-controlled means – no programming
  • Change look and feel to unlimited configurations
  • Change colors and graphics, and use GIF backgrounds
  • Each Web site can have multiple templates
  • Choose the color and theme for the Web site
  • Fonts
  • Font sizes
  • Font colors
  • Backgrounds
  • Every Page – Top (1000px)
  • Every Page – Bottom (1000px)
  • Main Page – Top (1000px)
  • Main Page – Bottom (1000px)
  • Main Page – Content Top (700px)
  • Main Page – Content Bottom (700px)
  • Category Page – Top (1000px)
  • Category Page – Bottom (1000px)
  • Category Page – Content Top (700px)
  • Category Page – Content Bottom (700px)
  • Product Page – Top (1000px)
  • Product Page – Bottom (1000px)
  • Product Page – Content Top (700px)
  • Product Page – Content Bottom (700px)
  • Search Page – Top (1000px)
  • Search Page – Bottom (1000px)
  • Search Page – Content Top (700px)
  • Search Page – Content Bottom (700px)
  • Tell a Friend – Top (1000px)
  • Tell a Friend – Bottom (1000px)
  • Tell a Friend – Content Top (700px)
  • Tell a Friend – Content Bottom (700px)
  • Shopping Cart – Top
  • Shopping Cart – Bottom
  • Login / Create Account – Top
  • Login / Create Account- Bottom
  • Checkout Without Account – Top
  • Checkout Without Account – Bottom
  • Checkout Shipping – Top
  • Checkout Shipping – Bottom
  • Checkout Payment – Top
  • Checkout Payment – Bottom
  • Checkout Confirmation – Top
  • Checkout Confirmation – Bottom
  • Checkout Success – Top
  • Checkout Success – Bottom
  • Email Templates – Top
  • Email Templates – Bottom
  • Printable Invoice / Packing Slip – Top
  • Printable Invoice / Packing Slip – Bottom
  • Printable Quote – Top
  • Printable Quote – Bottom
  • Contact Us Page
  • Splash Page
  • “Free Flow” Layout
  • Upload graphics from your desktop or from the image folder of your online server.
  • Control view of left or right columns
  • 47 different info boxes – include text, graphics, Flash, or widgets, or create your own for whatever you wish to display
Customizable Information Page
  • Create custom information pages with automatic menu creation
Customizable Header & Footer Links
  • Create your own header and footer menu with links to pages you desire.
  • Wishlists
  • Shopping Lists
  • Discount Coupons
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Product Reviews
  • Inventory Control