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Website Features

The images represent the major pages of our Ecommerce system. Each page has been designed and built around Ecommerce industry best practices to ensure the site is easy to naviagte and provides the most opprtunities for purchasing.

Website Features

EnterpriStore has carefully designed website features optimized for the best performance possible. Each page has been built around the proven best practices in the ecommerce industry. They make the site very easy to navigate, creating the best possible customer experience. Customers can easily browse through your product listings or search to find a specific product they’re looking for. The site also offers many options for purchasing. From promotions included in banners, to an easy-to-use shopping cart, to a simple check out process, customers will always find it easy to make purchases. They’ll also find plenty of attractive offers and related products, helping you to increase your sales. All of these features combine to make your ecommerce site a success.

The home page is the first thing customers see when they enter your site, so it’s important to make it helpful and easy to read. EnterpriStore has created multiple home page templates, so you can include as much or as little information as you want. You can use your homepage to highlight special promotions, selected products, and more. You can also include links to your product catalogue, contact information, and other essential pages. The entire home page has been designed as a hub that enables customers to quickly find any other area of the site they need. It also pushes promotions and products you choose, helping to improve sales.

All of the product-related pages have been designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to look through and find the products they want. They all include large pictures of each product, so customers can quickly skim through and see what products are available. On each catalog page, customers can browse through your selection of products. They can choose a category or sub-category from an easy-to-navigate sidebar. If they’d like to see all of your categories laid out, they can visit the category tree. This will display all of your categories and sub-categories in an organized and easy-to-read format. This means that customers can quickly find exactly the product category they’re looking for.

EnterpriStore also offers manufacturers’ pages so that customers can look through products made by their favorite designers and manufacturers. On the manufacturers home page, customers will see a list of all of the manufacturers included in your store, with clear logos to help them see what’s available. They can choose a manufacturer to be taken to an individual page and browse all of the products made by that manufacturer. These different options for browsing mean that customers will be able to find the kind of product they’re looking for based on their individual preferences.

In addition, EnterpriStore has created a search process that is intuitive and easy to use. EnterpriStore uses faceted search results, the same kind of search used by ecommerce giants such as Amazon. The faceted search allows customers to filter through search results based on product categories and qualities. This makes it as easy as possible for them to find what they’re looking for. They can also use an advanced search tool to search for something specific. As you probably know, the first step in creating a sale is making it as easy as possible for a customer to find a product they want. EnterpriStore’s search features accomplish this.

Once your customer has found the product they want, they’ll use your ecommerce site’s checkout features. The shopping cart is easy to read and accessible from any page on the site. In addition to the normal ordering option available from any product page, customers can choose to place a quick order, which allows them to add multiple items to their cart at once. Once they are ready to check out, customers go through a simple check out process. They’ll be able to choose from a wide range of shipping options and use secure payment methods. If they run into any problems, it’s easy to access your FAQ page or customer service from any area of the site.

All of these website features have been designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to find and purchase your products. These are the tools that make for a successful ecommerce site.

Website Features

At EnterpriStore, we’re experts in the ecommerce industry and in what customers are looking for on an ecommerce store. We provide all of the website pages to make your website easy to navigate and use. We’ve designed each page with the ecommerce industry best practices in mind, ensuring that each page is easy to navigate and that they provide the optimal amount of opportunities for purchasing. We’ve paid particular attention to the most important pages for an ecommerce site: the home page, manufacturers’ pages, catalog pages, product pages, faceted search results, the shopping cart, and the checkout process, the my account page, the category tree, quick orders, FAQ, and advanced search. All of these pages have been designed with the customer in mind so that they can find the information and products they’re looking for as quickly as possible. This results in a positive customer experience, encouraging them to come back, and more sales for your business.

In addition to these core pages, your EnterpriStore site will come with a number of powerful website features that will allow you to customize your site, manage all of your data, and help your customers. Every feature you’ll need is included so that every action, from a customer logging in to checking out and filling out a survey, is seamlessly integrated into the site. There are also great organization features, such as the website site map, catalog products tree, and multiple layout tools. These will help you to stay in control of your site and manage all of the details. With all of these features, your website will be easy to use for both you and your customers.