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  • About Us
  • Our Brands
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  • Literature
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  • Questions
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  • Payment Methods
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footer area Footer Page

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Footer Pages Linked to Free Flow Wysiwyg Areas Footer Page

Footer Page

The footer of your website is the perfect place to include information that customers may want to find from any page on your site, but that you don’t want to take up space within the main page. Customers will look to the footer when they need to find information such as your contact details or your company policies. EnterpriStore has created a footer area layout so that you can easily include all of the relevant information you want.

In the About section, you can include links to About Us, Our Brands, Site Map, and Legal Notice. This is where customers can quickly find all the basic information about your business and your website. Customers will also appreciate a Customer Care section, with links to Literature, Request a Quote, FAQ, and Contact Us. These links make it easy for them to find information and resolve any problems they have. In the Our Policies section of the footer, you can include links to Payment Methods, Shipping & Delivery, Returns & Exchanges, Terms & Conditions, Secure Shopping, and Privacy Policy. This is a very helpful way for customers to find everything they need to know about purchases, shipping, and your other policies. You can also include other links in your footer, including a link to sign up for a newsletter and links to your social media pages. This enables you to connect your ecommerce site to a wider business network.

Of course, the entire footer is customizable to include exactly the information you want. The entire thing has been designed to create easy access to information without taking up too much space, making it as helpful as possible.