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print catalog Print Catalog

Print Catalog

Just because you’re an ecommerce site doesn’t mean that you have to have an exclusively online presence. It can also be extremely helpful to communicate with your customers in person, over the phone, or through print. One great way to do that is by sending out a print catalog. EnterpriStore makes it easy to do just that. With the Printable Catalog tool, you can add any number of products to a catalog list. You can then print a catalog, which will include each product’s image, name, manufacturer, category, price, and catalog number. Your catalog will come out ready to be mailed or handed out to your customers. You can also send it as an email attachment.

The Printable Catalog tool makes it easy to customize catalogs that will appeal directly to your customers and help you find new customers. Say, for instance, you’re hoping to bring in a few new customers in the restaurant industry. If you have a line of cutlery and dishware products, you can include those products in a catalog and send out the catalog to them. This is a great way to draw in new customers. You can also tweak catalogs to send to return customers, advertising products that are in line with their interests. The Printable Catalog works very well with EnterpriStore’s Catalog Order page. Customers can use the catalog number of products to quickly place an order without looking having to look through your site’s product pages. They can order directly using the information included in your catalog. It’s just one more way that EnterpriStore makes it easy for you to connect customers to the products they want.