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Website – Site Map

Website – Site Map

Website – Site Map Website – Site Map

Site Map

The site map is an essential feature of any website that can help users to find any part of the site. The site map creates an overview of the entire site and is a helpful tool if customers aren’t sure where to go to find what they’re looking for. EnterpriStore will automatically create a site map for your ecommerce site containing every page on your site. The site map will display all of your product categories and sub-categories so that customers can easily see and access a page for the products they’re looking for. The site map will also include the other information included on your site, such as your About Us section, policies, shipping information, and customer service. If it’s included on your site, it will also be included on the site map.

The site map has been designed to be easy to read. The layout features simple columns with clear headings and bullet points. Each page has its own bullet point, making the map easy to skim through. Each category and sub-category is bolded so that customers can quickly find the section they’re looking for. Each page on the site map links directly to the relevant page on your site. This means that customers can click to anywhere directly from the site map. You may also want to use the site map to get an overview of the organization of your site. The site map, therefore, is a very useful organizational and navigational tool.