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Checkout Process – Confirmation Page

Checkout Process Confirmation Page Confirmation


The confirmation page is the last page of the checkout process. Reaching it shows a customer that their order has been submitted successfully. It also provides them with all the information they might need. At the top of the page, the order confirmation includes the order date, order number, and total price. Beneath that, it informs them that an order summary is being sent to their email address. This way, they’ll have a permanent record of their order information. They’ll also see a box with shipping information. This box informs them that most products ship within 2-3 business days and that they’ll receive an email when their item has shipped. The page also provides them with a link to their “My Account” page, where they can manage their invoices, order history, and more.

The order confirmation page also includes a number of links for feedback and customer service. There are links to your site’s Contact Us page and FAQ page. This means that if they need more information that what’s included on the confirmation page, they can find it easily. There is also a link to submit comments or suggestions with feedback. In addition, customers can choose to fill out a customer survey. This allows customers to submit any feedback they have in mind, and it provides you with valuable information that will allow you to continually improve your products and services.