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Order Summary

The order summary is an important part of the checkout process and ensures that the order is exactly what the customer wants. Having a clear order summary page will result in fewer cancelled orders and customer problems. EnterpriStore’s order summary page has been designed to be clear to read and contain all the information the customer may want to review. At the very top of the order summary, the customer will see the products, quantity of each product, and the price of each product.

Just beneath this information, they’ll find the delivery address, billing address, and payment method. Each of these is written in individual columns to make them easy to read. There is also a link to edit each piece of information included at the top of each column. In the final column, they’ll see the price of their order, including the subtotal, any extra fees, the shipping fee, and the total cost. Once the customer has reviewed all of their information (and edited it if they need to), he or she can choose to either return to their cart or submit their order.

The “Return to Cart” button is ideal if the customer needs to remove an item or add more items to their cart. If they want to submit their order, they first need to click a box confirming that they have read your terms and conditions. Once they click “Submit My Order,” the order will enter processing, and they’ll be taken to an order confirmation page.