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Brands Manufacturers Page

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brands scroller1 Manufacturers Page

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Click on a Manufacturer and View All Products Manufacturers Page

Manufacturers Page

The brands and manufacturers who create your products are an important part of your ecommerce site, and something that customers care a lot about. Many customers have favorite brands or may be searching for a product made by a specific manufacturer. The Manufacturers page highlights all of your manufacturers and will help your customers to search through them easily. On the Manufacturers Page, your site will display all of your manufacturers, along with clear images of their logos. The pictures are large enough that it is easy for customers to skim through and find the manufacturer they’re looking for. You can also include a selection of featured manufacturers at the top of the page to highlight your most popular brands. Customers can choose to view all manufacturers (in alphabetical order), search for a specific one, or look through by the first letter in the manufacturers’ names. All of these tools make it easy for customers to browse or find a specific manufacturer.

When customers click on a manufacturer’s icon, they’ll be taken to a page that shows all the products made by that manufacturer. It’s an easy way to see all of the products within a certain brand. In addition to the Manufacturers Page and Manufacturer Products Page, you can include a scroller of manufacturers’ logos on your home page. The scroller can even include a small box with a few featured brands. This scroller is a great way to emphasize that you sell a wide range of products from great brands. It also makes it easy for customers to go to their favorite manufacturer directly from your home page, if they know what they’re looking for.