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Category Layouts

Category Page Layout

  • Category Structure Hierarchy
  • Shows Next Set Of Categories With Product Counts
  • Manufacturer Pages Related To These Categories
  • Featured Manufactruers
  • Category Faceting
  • Product Faceting
  • Category Word Clouds
  • Wysiwyg Area ( Header & Footer )
categort page layout Category Layouts

Category Layouts

One of the most common ways for customers to browse through products on an ecommerce website is to look through product categories. Therefore, it is essential to have well-organized category pages that will help customers to find the products they are looking for. EnterpriStore has carefully designed a category layout that will show customers the products they want and suggest related products and categories. Each category page includes a description of the category and a page of sub-categories with pictures. Sub-categories are also included in a side bar located on the side of the page. If a category has no further sub-categories, the category page will display a group of products. This page is very easy to skim through, so customers can quickly find the product they’re looking for.

The Category layout includes a number of other helpful features. Towards the top of the page is a bar including manufacturer pages related to the category. This mean that customers can easily look at a manufacturer that makes products within the category they’re looking at. The page will also show the next set of categories, including a count of the number of products. This can be very helpful to customers who are not sure of exactly which category to look in. They can easily switch over to the nearest category. In addition to these features, you can add both a header and a footer to the Category page to include any additional information or banners. This means that all of the links and information you’d like your customers to see can easily be included on each Category page.