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Product Reviews

Reviews are an essential part of any ecommerce site. Customers love to look at what other customers think of a product before buying it, and they find both a retail site and a product more trustworthy if it has authentic reviews. EnterpriStore makes it easy for customers to leave reviews and for other customers to find and read them.

If a customer wants to write a review, all they need to do is go to the product page and click on the “Rate & Write a Review” button. You can also choose to send emails to customers inviting them to review their recent purchases. Once they choose to leave a review, they can rate the product out of 5 stars and then write a written review.

These reviews will then be published on the product page. In product listings throughout the site and on the product page itself, customers will see the product’s average customer rating out of 5 stars. If they want to read more information, they can scroll down to the product information tabs box, which has a tab for reviews. They will automatically see the two most recent reviews and can choose to read more. Each review includes a title, rating, written description, name of the author, and date posted. Customers can choose to sort reviews by different factors, and they can vote up or down based on whether they found the review helpful. They also have the option to bookmark and share a particular review. All of these options make it easy for customers to get a well-rounded impression of the product and decide whether or not to purchase it.