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Rotating Banner

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Two Sizes – 785×348 – 6 Banners and 565px × 291px – 5 Banners

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Rotating Banner

Marketing within your site is a great way to draw attention to key products and increase sales. EnterpriStore offers customized rotating banners so that you can effectively promote products, promotions, and services of your choice. You can place a rotating banner on your homepage or on any other page of your choice. The box will automatically rotate between all the banners you have chosen, so you can promote multiple products or deals at once. You’ll be able to design these banners yourself, and we offer multiple sizes to fit what you’re looking for. You can choose between 785 x 348 pixels and 565 x 291 pixels. The larger size has 6 banner templates to choose from, and the smaller size has 5 available templates. These options well help you to easily create any banner you need. After creating your banner, simply add it to the Banner Manager and it will be put into rotation.

EnterpriStore also offers analytical tools to monitor the performance of your banners. In the Banner Manager, you can see a list of all of your banner ads and how they are performing. At a glance, you can see how many times each of your banners has been displayed and how many times they have been clicked on. When you click on an individual banner, you’ll see how many views and how many clicks it has received over the past three days. From the Banner Manager, you also have the options to edit and delete your existing banners or create a new one. The Manager makes it simple to keep track of your banners, monitor their effectiveness, and create new banners to make all of your promotions successful.