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Infor SX.e Api Integration For Ecommerce
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Infor SX.e ERP is the most powerful system available for managing the complex demands of the distribution industry.

Infor Distribution SX.e gives you unparalleled control in managing thousands of transactions, suppliers, and customers-while tracking tens of thousands, if not millions, of items.

EnterpriStore Ecommerce is fully integrated with Infor SX.e

  • Customers – Real-time contract/customer-specific pricing from Infor SX.e or Enterpristore.
  • Order History– Retrieves current open orders, current pre-orders and order history directly from Infor SX.e or Enterpristore.
  • Products Catalog – Realtime inventory and pricing information based on multiple warehouses.
  • Order Processing – Submits from Enterpristore shopping cart to Infor SX.e to create orders or quotes or pre-orders for future sales.
  • CenPOS Payment Processing – Tokenize Customer Data – This allows for easy and flexible customer billing, as CenPOS converts payment data into a secure token for safe and convenient recurring billing of regular customers
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Preferred Optimized Installation

  • Primary data repository is Infor SX.e.
  • Data uploaded and updated via Infor SX.e API to Web Based Ecommerce – Enterpristore.
  • Data stored in MySQL / Maria Database on Solid State Drives.

Secondary Installation Method

  • Primary data repository is Infor SX.e.
  • Data retrieved for each Ecommerce call directly from Infor SX.e server.


Bi-directional data transfer

  • New Customer Information Sent From Infor SX.e to Enterpristore
  • New Customer Information Sent From Enterpristore to Infor SX.e

customers view Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce

Php Scripts using the SXe API ruinning on Cron jobs

Enterpristore Script

  • sx_add_new_customers.php – Imports non-existing customers from Infor SX.e to Enterpristore.
  • sx_update_customers.php – Updates Customers Address Information Infor SX.e to Enterpristore.
Infor SX.e API Call

  • ARGetCustomerListV2 – This call will retrieve a list of Customer records (ARSC) based on a variety of selection criteria
  • ARGetCustomerDataGeneralRest – Get the remaining “general” fields for a given customer


Single direction data transfer – From SXe to Enterpristore

  • New Products found in InforSX.e are retrieved from Enterpristore
  • New / Changed Products are uploaded to special folder and set to inactive
products Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce

Upload images ( Image name is the product id and 400 x 400 pixels) to special folder in FTP.
Php Script Cron job run each night which takes the main images and parses it into three (3) sizes. The new images are copied over into their correct location on the site.

Products are made active or inactive from Infor SXe via inventory and pricing updates.

Php Scripts using the SXe API ruinning on Cron jobs

Enterpristore Script

  • sx_add_new_products.php – Imports non-existing product records in Ecom from SX. Stores them in “New From SX” category on website.
Infor SX.e API Call

  • ICGetWhseProductListV2 – Retrieves a set of Warehouse Products (ICSW) with price and cost information

Inventory and Pricing

Single direction data transfer – From SX.e to Enterpristore

Product Inventory Gathered Real Time From Infor SX.e

products1 Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce
  • Product Pricing Sent to Enterpristor From Infor SX.e For Every Warehouse.
  • Product Pricing Sent to Enterpristor From Infor SX.e For Every Customer.
  • Product Pricing Sent to Enterpristor From Infor SX.e For Every Customer Group.

Php Scripts using the SXe API ruinning on Cron jobs

Enterpristore Script

  • sx_update_all.php – Updates pricing.
  • sx_update_warehouse.php – Updates inventory.
  • sx_update_warehouse2.php – Updates Presale Yes/No flag from SX. Imports Release Date, Orders Due Date and Qty Presold #
Infor SX.e API Call

  • OEPricing – This call is used to return the price for a given product for a given customer. The price, discount and quantity available will be returned.
  • OEPricingMultiple – This call is used to return the price for a given product for a given customer for multiple products – OEPricingMultiple with specified <warehouse> field
  • ICGetWhseProductListV3 – Retrieves a set of Warehouse Products (ICSW) with additional fields and user fields

Order Processing

Bi-directional data transfer

  • Order Processing Information Sent From Infor SX.e to Enterpristore
  • Order Processing Information Sent From Enterpristore to Infor SX.e
Process Live and Pre-Orders
  • Orders Shipping Sent Directly To Infor SX.e as Order or Quote.
  • Single direction data transfer – From Enterpristore to Infor SX.e
Enterpristore Script

  • Before an Order is processed in Checkout– we have a final grab of inventory information and bind that inventory to the customer’s order.
  • sx_order_reprocess.php – to reprocess all unsuccessful orders later
Infor SX.e API Call

  • SFOEOrderTotLoadV4 – The order total transaction is run when the user is displayed the total amount of an order that would be created based on the current contents of the shopping cart.

Multi Warehouse / Multiple Order Type Shopping Cart

shopping cart Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce

Order History

Single direction data transfer – From SX.e to Enterpristore

  • Order History From Infor SX.e to Enterpristore
my order history Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce
order history times Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce
orders types Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce
order information Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce
my pre order Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce
Enterpristore Scripts

  • Built into the My Accounts Order section
Infor SX.e API Call

  • SFGetOEOrderDataV3 – This procedure returns information from the order header, order lines and order header extended amounts.
  • OEGetListofOrdersV4 – This call is used to obtain a list of order #’s for a given Customer/Ship To. We use it to retrieve orders by date range, status, order#, po#, etc.
  • OEOrderDeleteOrCancel – Delete or cancel an order.
  • OEFullOrderMnt – Create or modify an order.
  • SASubmitReport – Submit a report for printing. We use it to email an order to customer.
  • ARGetCustomerBalance – This call is used to retrieve Accounts Receivable balance information for a given Customer (ARSC) or Ship To (ARSS).
infor erp sx ecommerce integration1 Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce
infor sx.e api integration1 Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce

CenPOS Payment Processing – PCI Certified

CenPOS delivers the most secure and seamless cloud-based omni-channel payment solutions in the marketplace. Fully integrated with Infor Distribution ERP’s, CenPOS delivers the end-to-end payment capabilities in today’s fast-track age of commerce demands

  • Payment Processing – One-time sales and recurring billing on the web and within call centers.
  • Unmatched Security – Ensure that sensitive information is never transmitted or stored within your system to protect against costly data security breaches.
  • Tokenize Customer Data – This allows for easy and flexible customer billing, as CenPOS converts payment data into a secure token for safe and convenient recurring billing of regular customers.
CenPOS Payment Processing Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce

SX.e and Enterpristore Transaction Log

  • We maintain a log of every transaction with Infor SX.e .
  • Everything that is processed or failed is logged for easy debugging. The log can be viewed as a text or xml file.
Transaction Log Infor SX. e ERP Ecommerce

Infor SX E ERP Ecommerce

We have made EnterpriStore compatible with all of the best ecommerce tools out there to make managing your ecommerce store as easy as possible. Infor is one of the most powerful of these features. EnterpriStore is fully integrated with Infor’s distribution software, SX.e.

Infor includes a comprehensive set of tools that will help you to keep track of all your transactions, improve your efficiency, and adapt to any changes in the market.

Infor will track all of your business’s customers, suppliers, transactions, and items. It can manage a very high number of transactions and items, even up to millions of inventory items. This ensures that your business will always have the information you need to effectively manage operations.

Infor Sx.e’s tools include pricing lookups, customer lookups, and order data. You can use the pricing look up to find the price for multiple products or for a specific product sold to a specific customer. Infor will provide you with the price, discount, and quantity sold. This means that all the information you might need about previous sales is easily accessible.

You can also use Infor to maintain and retrieve customer records. For example, you can enter in customized selection criteria and retrieve a list of customer records that match those criteria. You can also find a range of order information using the order data tools. You can use the “Get List of Orders” tool to get a list of order numbers sent to a specified customer or ship to address, and the “Order Delete or Cancel” tool allows you to quickly delete or cancel an order. These tools and many others will make your inventory management much more efficient and transparent.

Infor SX.e Product Features

Infor Distribution SX.e is an industry-specific enterprise application suite that is designed to meet the core challenges of the distribution industry.

Distribution SX.e focuses on improving the highly specialized, core processes of distribution companies right out of the box – without requiring expensive, time-consuming configuration that leads to costly and risky implementations.

Warehouse management:

Distribution SX.e offers a choice of two warehouse management systems:

Total Warehouse Logistics (TWL) and Infor Warehouse Management Business Edition. TWL, which is tightly integrated into the Distribution SX.e solution, helps optimize warehouse processes, such as improving picking and delivery accuracy, increasing shipping efficiency, and decreasing dock-to-stocking time.

Order entry:

Automate multi-channel ordering activities to streamline processes for customers. Offer order-processing options that fit individual customer preferences, such as high-volume order entry, configure-to-order with features and options, electronic data interchange (EDI) orders, online orders, non-stock orders, and individual quote-to-order applications.

Inventory control:

Improve inventory management for better performance. Easily establish reorder points, print physical count sheets, and perform a variety of other inventory control processes. Manage off-site inventory controlled by vendors with vendor-managed inventory tools. Automate and streamline the process for recording and tracking Distribution SX.e transactions, such as the vendor on-sale rebate process with electronic distribution of information between manufacturers and distributors.

Value-added services:

Meet increasing customer demands for more comprehensive services from distributors, such as stamping, coating, and assembling products. In addition, a kit production module features innovative, automated tools for packaging and marketing products.


Manage the purchase of both stock and non-stock products with advanced order control, inventory management, and other flexible features. Advanced order control lets take advantage of complex ordering formulas while considering important factors, such as average sale quantity. Modify pricing based on a distributor’s unique circumstances.

For example, distributors moving into a new competitive area can use the solution to reduce the margin on products in one region and not affect the price of those products in other region

Service management

Manage entire customer lifecycle and streamline service and repair functions.

All aspects of an operation are supported by Distribution SX.e, including the following general business functions:

Financial management:

Take advantage of greater financial visibility and insight, and meet the unique challenges of distributors operating multiple locations. Reduce processing fees by providing credit card companies with comprehensive information about the transaction. Perform mass maintenance on all customer pricing record types and all rebate sub-types, including vendor on sale, vendor on purchase, and customer.

Supplier relationship management:

Increase operational efficiencies by streamlining and accelerating collaboration with supplier network. Improve supplier performance by making demand requirements visible, reduce inventory with a choice of supplier-driven replenishment methods, and lower supply chain costs.

E-commerce tools: Meet customer and supplier demand by having a product information available online 24 / 7.

Customer relationship management (CRM):

Get a comprehensive view of customers to foster a consistent and continuous customer dialogue based on real-time information. Many distributors are using a tightly integrated CRM solution as a way to elevate and monitor the services provided to their customers, with the expectation of creating competitive differentiators that will keep those customers returning.