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Distributor Login

Distributor / Special Customers – Login

distributor login3 Distributor Login
Special Customer / Distributor Login Management System provides an special ecommerce layout for Special Customers / Distributor sales and freight quotes. This will quickly reduce the backlog for Product Quotes with Freight for customers as they can do them themselves and you get an email of every quote created. This is B2B at it’s latest and greatest !
Tier 1 Customer login Distributor Login
distributor login Distributor Login
distributor login Distributor Login

Intelligent Quotations – Main Screen


Intelligent Quotations – Choose A Customer

choose a customer Distributor Login

Intelligent Quotations – Choose The Products

choose a product Distributor Login

Intelligent Quotations – Items To Be Quoted


Intelligent Quotations – Get Instant Parcel or LTL Freight Quote

frieght 1 Distributor Login

Intelligent Quotations – Choose Freight Carrier

frieght 2 Distributor Login

Intelligent Quotations – Review Quote – Add Comments

frieght 3 Distributor Login

Intelligent Quotations – Quote Emailed With PDF

Intelligent Quotations Quote Emailed With PDF1 Distributor Login

Product Image and Description Sent as An Addon PDF

Product Image and Description Sent as An Addon PDF1 Distributor Login

Distributor Login

EnterpriStore is all about making ecommerce as easy as possible for both you and your customers. Our Distributor/Special Customers Login feature is one of the tools that will make your ecommerce operations more efficient. You may choose to give log in abilities to distributors and to a group of “Tier 1” customers. For the distributors and customers you choose, they’ll be able to log in to your site, where they’ll have their own special layout. From this layout, they can place orders and receive their own freight quotes. This will significantly reduce your processing time, as you don’t have to come up with freight quotes; they can do it themselves.

Your distributors and Tier 1 customers will be able to use the same Instant Quotes tools that you can. They simply choose a customer, choose the products, and then choose the specific items to be quoted. The system will instantly generate freight quotes for them, so they don’t have to wait to hear back through email or over the phone. They’ll then be able to choose from a list of different quotes. The list includes options for different shipping carriers and different shipping times. This means they can choose the best quote for the timing and budget they have in mind. Once they choose a quote, the system will generate an email summarizing the quote, complete with all the shipping information, along with the product image and description. EnterpriStore’s system will also send a copy of this email to you, so you can keep track of all the orders and freight quotes being processed through your site. This means that you’ll stay informed while saving time.