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Intelligent Connect – Data Integration – Accounting & Databases Integrated

Data conversion has become very easy over the years. The industry has developed many tools to convert data from any format to another format. The primary tool that has gained quite a following is XML. XML’s purpose is to aid information systems in sharing structured data, especially via the Internet, to encode documents, and to serialize data.

We use a MySQL Database with a mapped out XML data structure. This allows us to import, export, transfer or convert from our database to any data structure. This means we can assist in a data conversion from your existing ecommerce platform to Ecomstor.

We can take your data and convert it to the XML format and import it into our program. We can alos take this new data stream within Ecomstor and link it back into your current accounting or ERP systems.

magic Data Integration

Magic Software is a leading provider of application platform, and business and process integration solutions with over 20 years of experience. Our award-winning solutions give our partners and customers the power to create complex business applications, leverage existing IT resources, enhance business agility, and focus on core business priorities.

We use many tools and 3rd party data integration companies ( Boomi, Talend, Pervasive, Sps Commerce, EBridge and DiCentral ) to achieve a successful conversion.

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