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Site Editable WYSIWYG

Site / Store Management – Wysiwyg Editable Areas

WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get,” and enterpriStore’s admin features are built around this philosophy. On every editable page, the template you’re looking at will look just like the final page published on your website. Many people think of website programming and editing as typing in complex combinations of random-looking text or ones and zeroes. That’s absolutely not the case with our admin features. You’ll type text and values right into the page, so you can see exactly what you’re doing. When you publish your revised page, there won’t be any surprises in how it looks; all the changes will be exactly as you made them in the template. It’s simple and effective. We believe this approach is the best way to give people direct control over their websites. You don’t need to hire a programmer or web designer. You can do everything yourself and create a website that looks exactly how you’ve imagined it.

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You Have Total Control Over Adding Extra Content To Each Area of The Site


Every Page – Top (1000px)

Every Page – Bottom (1000px)

Every Page – Header (1000px)

Every Page – Footer (1000px)

Main Page – Top (1000px)

Main Page – Bottom (1000px)

Main Page – Content Top (700px)

Main Page – Content Bottom (700px)

Category Page – Top (1000px)

Category Page – Bottom (1000px)

Category Page – Content Top (700px)

Category Page – Content Bottom (700px)

Product Page – Top (1000px)

Product Page – Bottom (1000px)

Product Page – Content Top (700px)

Product Page – Content Bottom (700px)

Product Page – Right Side (150px)

Search Page – Top (1000px)

Search Page – Bottom (1000px)

Search Page – Content Top (700px)

Search Page – Content Bottom (700px)


Login Page – Top

Login Page – Bottom

Login Page for Group – Top

Create Account – Top

Create Account – Bottom

Create Account – Right Side (300px)

My Account – Top

My Account – Bottom

Order Status – Top

Order Status – Bottom

Order Status – Right Side (200px)


Shopping Cart – Top

Shopping Cart – Bottom

Shopping Cart – Right Side (150px)

Checkout w/out Account – Top

Checkout w/out Account – Bottom

Checkout w/out Account – Right Side (300px)

Checkout Shipping – Top

Checkout Shipping – Bottom

Checkout Shipping – Right Side (200px)

Checkout Payment – Top

Checkout Payment – Bottom

Checkout Payment – Right Side (200px)

Checkout Confirmation – Top

Checkout Confirmation – Bottom

Checkout Confirmation – Right Side (200px)

Checkout Success – Top

Checkout Success – Bottom


Email Templates – Top

Email Templates – Bottom

Printable Invoice / Packing Slip – Top

Printable Invoice / Packing Slip – Bottom

Printable Quote – Top

Printable Quote – Bottom


Contact Us Page – Top

Contact Us Page – Right Side (250px)

Quick Order – Top

Write Review – Content Top (700px)

Write Review – Content Bottom (700px)

Tell a Friend – Top (1000px)

Tell a Friend – Content Top (700px)

Tell a Friend – Content Bottom (700px)

Splash Page

“Free Flow” Layout


CRM Landing Page


Clearance Page – Top

On Sale Page – Top

Sustainable Page – Top

Tria Page – Top)

wysiwyg editable area view Site Editable WYSIWYG