Admin Management – Customer Service Management Workflow Portal

Customer service and problem management is an essential part of ecommerce, and enterpriStore’s tools make it easy to do. The Customer Service Management Portal gives you access to all your basic customer service features: log in as a customer, select a customer, review orders, view all customers, and create new customer. The portal quickly connects you to powerful customer service tools.

When you select a customer, you can see all of the details they’ve entered, including their name, shipping address, and contact information. You can also view their existing orders or create an order for them. Access to this information enables you to quickly assess what the situation with a particular customer is and access their orders so that you can resolve any issues they may have. When you look at their individual order, you can see the total price, date the order was purchased, and the order status. This will enable you to inform customers of important details and edit their order, if necessary.

enterpriStore also provides tools to see your website from a customer’s perspective. You can log in as any customer to see the site through their account. This can help you to follow along with any issues they may be having and find the source of any problem. It can also provide valuable insight into how your website looks to a prospective customer. Browsing through your site from a customer account is a great way to do a check for anything that’s not working smoothly or not presented the way you want it. Then, using enterpriStore’s powerful editing tools, you can quickly edit anything you’re not happy with to create a perfect final product.

Admin Management Admin Menus Layout CSR

Select a Customer Account

Select a Customer Admin Menus Layout CSR

View / Edit / Create Orders

View Edit Admin Menus Layout CSR

View / Edit / Create Customers

View Edit Admin Menus Layout CSR

Login In Front End Website As That Customer

Login In Front Admin Menus Layout CSR

View Customers Account Information / Operate As A Customer with Full System Privileges

View Customers 750x393 Admin Menus Layout CSR