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Categories Setup

Catalog-Setup Tabs

Managing categories is an essential part of a successful ecommerce site. Categories keep your product catalog organized. Many customers will go to one category searching for a specific product, or they may choose to browse through all your products within one category. Having well-organized and presented categories can help you to make more sales. enterpriStore’s tools will help you to manage your product categories easily and effectively.

From the Catalog Setup tab, you can add both new categories and new products. From this page, you can also see how many subcategories and products are in each category, the order they appear in on your site, the date the category was added, and the date the category was last modified. This page puts the most important information in one page so that you can keep tabs on all your product categories.

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Category / Category Name & Description

name Categories Setup

Category / Catalog – Keywords and Meta Tags

seo Categories Setup

Category / Catalog Word Cloud Settings

tags Categories Setup

Category / Catalog Manufacturer Order Of Products

manufacture Categories Setup

Category / Catalog Special Page Formatting

formatting Categories Setup