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Estimate Freight

Estimate Freight

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Estimate Freight

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Freight Popup

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Duel Quotes On enterpriStore Product Estimate Freight

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Estimate Freight

EnterpriStore provides all the tools you need to provide accurate estimates of freight costs. The tools can provide estimates for boxes, pallets, and multiple pallets, up to full truck loads and more. When a customer is looking at a product, they can receive a freight estimate through a freight popup window. This popup means that they won’t be taken away from the product page, so they won’t lose track of the items they’re hoping to buy. It provides estimates for all the different possible speeds, from overnight to ground shipping. They can also receive dual quotes from multiple shipping providers, such as UPS and FedEx. These options ensure that your customers can always find the exact shipping they want.

Customers can also find detailed product information in PDF format to get all the details they might want. The PDF can include all the product details listed on the site. There is also a page listing all of the shipping options. This detailed page includes all of the possible freight companies, how long their delivery will take, and the cost. With all of this information, customers can make an informed decision and feel confident that they have made the best possible choice for them. The freight estimates also mean that, as an ecommerce site, you can feel confident in providing your customers with helpful and accurate information at all times.