Template Configuration – No Programming Required

enterpriStore’s template configuration allows you to customize the look and feel of your site. With easy-to-use templates, you can control the layout, colors, fonts, and images on every page of your site. You can choose the basic shape of your template, choosing between classic and free flow. You then have the option to include infoboxes, banners, menus, footers, product listings, category listings, and subpages in every page. All of these features can be customized with the colors, text, and presentation you want. This flexibility allows you to create any look you want. There are almost infinite combinations for layout and design. Because there are so many options, you can even use the configuration tools to create spin-off stores with the same database of products but a different look and feel. Thisenables you to market your site to different target audiences and expand your customer base.

The customizable features come with innumerable options. You can choose from hundreds of colors for backgrounds, headers, menus, text, and buttons. We’ve even included a gradient maker so that you can combine colors or add shading for a dynamic appearance. The template configuration tools also come with dozens of included fonts. You’ll find all of your favorite fonts, such as Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, and Georgia. There are great options to choose from for body text, headings, and more.

All of the template configuration tools are designed to be easy to use. As with all of enterpriStore’s tools, there is absolutely no programming required. Colors, font, and layout are all controlled through simple drop-down menus. This means that you can design a look and make changes quickly and easily. You can use the template configuration to create a cohesive look and match your branding throughout your entire site.

Template Configuration No Programming RequiredN1 Site Template Config

Type Of Templates

template 01 edit template Site Template Config
template 02 page Site Template Config
template 03 top links Site Template Config


template 08 info boxes Site Template Config

Banner & Menu Area

template 04 banner Site Template Config
template 05 menu flash Site Template Config

Main Modules

template 09 main module Site Template Config

Horizontal Menu

template 06 cat horizontal menu Site Template Config


template 10 buttons footer Site Template Config

Breadcrumb – Left & Right Columns

template 07 bread left right Site Template Config
template 03 top links1 Site Template Config

Product & Category Listings

template 11 category listing Site Template Config


template 13 sub pages Site Template Config
template 12 product detail pages Site Template Config

Texts Styles

template 14 text styles Site Template Config

Color Codes

Color Codes Site Template Config

More Color Codes

More Color Codes Site Template Config

Even More Color Codes

Even More Color Codes Site Template Config

Horizontal Menu Backgrounds

horizontal menus Site Template Config

Veritical Menu Backgrounds

vertical menu backgrounds Site Template Config

Image Directories

image sample directories Site Template Config

Gradient Maker

gradient maker Site Template Config

Button Maker

button maker Site Template Config

Fonts In The System

fonts1 Site Template Config
fonts in wysiwyg Site Template Config
ecommerce system fonts Site Template Config