Catalog / Products Management

One of the primary ways customers will interact with your ecommerce site is through the product catalog. How easy your catalog is to navigate and how easy it is for customers to find the products they’re interested in will make a significant difference in how many sales you make. That’s why we’ve created catalog and product management tools that make it easy to organize your product catalog. We offer three different menu structures and two different catalog layouts. Within these general layouts, you can do a lot to customize exactly how you want your products to appear. Your enterpriStore site also comes with an unlimited number of catalogs and products, so your potential for sales is also unlimited.

You can organize products into categories of your choosing and design a unique look and feel to each category. A product layout tree displays all of your categories and products in an organized fashion so that you can easily navigate and edit the different areas of your product catalog. You can set the order in which products are displayed, based on price, manufacturers, alpha, or a customized manual order.

Within the categories, you can also edit individual products. You can give products an unlimited number of attributes and options. Our product templates provide spaces for a product name, description, images, keywords, handling, shipping, pricing, and any other information you want to include. You can also manage multiple products at once. Our tools allow you to update or move multiple products at once. This makes it much easier and faster to make larger changes, rather than having to go into each different product page. Altogether, these tools will keep your product catalog organized and customer-friendly.

  • Categories
  • Complete Customizable of the Look and Feel of all Categories
  • Each Category can have a special look and feel.
  • Multiple Products Manager
  • Multiple Products Updater
  • Multiple Products Mover
  • Products Attributes / Options
  • Faceted Extra Fields
  • Image Manager
  • Word Clouds – Category Header
  • Set Order of Display Of Product based Manufacturers, Alpha, Price, Manual Order
  • Vendors Management
  • Manufacturers Management with Logos and Links
catalog new menu tab 01 Categories

Catalog Product View – 3 Description Areas

Catalog Product View Description Areas2 Categories

Catalog Product View – Images

Catalog Product View Images Categories

Catalog Product View – Prices & Shipping

view live demo ecommerce feature interpristor enterprise Categories
Catalog Product View Prices Shipping Categories
Products & Catalogs
Unlimited Catalogs / Products
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Unlimited Attributes and Options
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Three (3) different Menu Structures
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Two (2) different catalog layouts – Table & Picture
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Printable Catalog of all Products – RSS Feed of All products
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View all Catalogs and Product with Catalog Products Layout Tree
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Sales Methods -Cross Sell Products, Events Manager, Salemaker, Specials, Special By Category
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Unlimited Product Attributes & Options
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Product Page
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Product pictures – Product Information – Attributes & Options – 12 Other Pictures Per Product – Product Cross Sell – Social Network Bookmarks – Link To Abode pdf – Link to External Webpage – Estimate Freight – Word Clouds – Highlight Pictures
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Single products
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Bundled Products with different size variations
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Sub products
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LTL Pallet Quantities
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LTL Quantities
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TL Quantities
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Shopping Lists – Quickly Find Product and Purchase at one time.
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Wishlists – Discount Coupons – Gift Vouchers – Product reviews – Inventory Control
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