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Emails are a highly important feature for ecommerce sites, and enterpriStore gives you the tools to control everything about the emails you send out. The Email Notification page allows you to update the basic information for each kind of email: the subject line and the email address it shows as being sent from. You can also determine which circumstances trigger an automatic email. You can design and send out emails for order updates, new accounts, cart recovery, gift vouchers, forgotten passwords, account changes, and newsletter sign ups. These email options allow you to maintain professional and polished communication with all your customers.

enterpriStore also provides templates for each kind of email, where you can make changes so that each email appears exactly the way you want it. Each template includes a header, footer and the option to include order and quote processes. This makes it easy to include details such as your store name, logo, and a custom signature or option to unsubscribe from emails. You can also incorporate details such as the order number and order date. When placed into a template, these details will automatically be updated for every email. This makes your email process very easy, cutting down on the time you need to spend managing emails and ensuring that customers receive accurate information promptly.

The email design template has a “what you see is what you get” look, so the emails you send out will look just like the editable template. This makes it very straightforward to use the editing tools, and there will be no surprises in how your customer emails turn out. All of your emails are guaranteed to look professional and be sent out smoothly.

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Email Templates – Wysiwyg Layout Custom Design for Look and Feel Of Emails

  • Overall Header
  • Overall Footer
  • Order Process
  • Quote Process
  • Order Update
  • New Account
  • Recover Carts
  • Gift Voucher
  • Forget Password
  • Account Change
  • Newsletter Sign Up
  • Email Page
  • Email Product