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enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping

enterpriStore – Ecommerce Parcel & LTL & TL Shipping

  • Parcel (UPS, Fedex, DHL)
  • LTL ( Less Than A Load) Shipping – ( Instant Quotes ) ABF, Con-way, Bax Global – DB Schenker, Fedex Freight, UPS Freight,, Yellow, SMC3 )
  • Same Freight Quotes you get via Phone, Email & fax
  • Dual Quotes for Parcel LTL Includes Quotation, Tracking and BOL Generation.
  • Mutliple Ship From Locations for each Vendor & Product
  • Process Freight By Cube or Dimensions
  • Calculates Volume of Boxes of Smaller Items and Makes a New Box when filled up.
  • Shipping Exclusion Zones – Setup a group of Zip Code that you will not ship to.
  • Free Shipping Exclusion Zones – Setup a group of Zip Codes that are not eligible for Free Shipping
  • Separate Stock and Non-Stock Vendors
  • Shipping Parcel
  • LTL Shipping – Integrated To Give You The
  • Optimum Delivery Point
  • Free Shipping Threshold For Vendors, Customers,
  • Specific Products Vendor Thresholds For Small Order Charges
  • UPS / Parcel Thresholds for Shipment to be shipped via LTL ( less Than A Load ) Carrier
  • LTL Margin – Weight 125
  • LTL Margin – Cube 11
enterpriStore Ecommerce Parcel LTL TL Shipping enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping

Intelligent Quotations – Parcel & LTL & TL Shipping Methods

Single Boxes
Single Pallets
Multiple Pallets LTL & Truckloads

Intelligent Quotations enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping

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conway 100 enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping
freightquote 100 enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping
fedex 100 enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping
dbschenker 100 enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping
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Parcel & LTL Shipping – enterpriStore

Have Ecommerce? Can you do this.. Small order? Sure
Large orders ? Say someone wants to buy 100 or 1,000 of an item…

Can you do LTL (Less Than a load) Carrier loads, TL ( truckloads)

Does you program have access to all these addons instantly?

You have limitations??

Can you ship each product with multiple vendors with multiple shipping methods and multiple ship from locations???

We can do them all.

Parcel LTL Shipping enterpriStore enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping



  • National Parcel Shipping – UPS, Fedex, USPS
  • International Parcel Shipping – DHL
  • National LTL Shipping – Con-way, Fedex Freight,, Yellow, USF
  • National Truckload Shipping – Con-way, Yellow, USF, DB Schenker
  • National Inter Modal Rail Shipping – CSX
  • International LTL Shipping & Ocean Cargo Shipping– DB Schenker


  • Parcel
  • LTL – Parcel sized products at higher volumes
  • LTL Larger products
  • LTL Pallet Loads
  • LTL Partial Loads
  • TL Truckload
  • Rail / Intermodal
  • Ocean Containers


  • Ship From One (1) Location To 1 Location.
  • Ship From One (1) Location To Multiple Locations.
  • Ship From Multiple Locations To One (1) Location.
  • Ship From Multiple Locations To Multiple Locations.
  • Sell One Product From Multiple Ship From Addresses Our Program Finds The Closest Product With The Cheapest Freight
  • Customer Specific Pricing With Customer Specific Freight Options.



  • Parcel Shipping Quote Modules – Fedex, UPS, DHL, USPS Quotes
  • Parcel Shipping Addons – Eshipper, Readyshipper , True Shipper
  • Fulfillment Addons – Shipwire
  • Transfer to Accounting, ERP, Supply chain software.
  • LTL ( less Than A Load) for Larger order of parcels
  • LTL for larger items
  • LTL for pallet loads
  • LTL for partial loads
  • Truckload for partial loads
  • LTL Shipping Addons
  • Classit
  • Freightquote
  • Cerasis
  • Con-way
  • DB Schenker
  • Yellow
  • FedEx Freight
  • Parcel – Ship Single / Multiple Order To Multiple Locations
  • Each Product From Each Ship To Location Can Have A Specialized Shipping Method.
  • Each Major Customer Or Distributor Can Have Unique Shipping Methods.
  • Each Vendor Can Sell Different Products And Use Many Different Shipping Methods
  • If A Manufacturer Has 4 Locations And Each Location Has A Different Set Of Products And Some Products Are The Same Among All The Branches And Some Are Unique
  • Customer Chooses A Product Sold At 4 Different Locations… Our Program Will Determine Which Manufacturing Faculty Has The Product At The Least Amount Of Freight
  • Customer Buys 3 Products… And All Come From Different Manufacturing Locations – The Customer Will Get 3 Invoices With Freight Based On 3 Different Locations
  • Each Major Customer Can Have Their Own Freight Company…
  • Choice Of Vendor Supplied Freight Or Buyer Arranges His Own Freight
  • In The Dimensional Weight Of A Group Of Products Is Over 150.. Then A Automatic Lookup Is Enabled That Will Give Both A Parcel Price And An LTL Price.

Integrated LTL Shipping Addons – ClassIT

classit enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping

Integrated LTL Shipping Software Addons

kewill enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping
logicor enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping
malvern1 enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping
smc3 enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping
bestway enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping
ratelinx enterpriStore Ecommerce Shipping


EnterpriStore provides every shipping option you could possibly need for your ecommerce business. You can use both parcel shipping services (such as UPS, Fedex, and DHL) and freight shipping services. EnterpriStore makes it easy to ship no matter what the quantity is. You can ship small loads, down to single boxes, using standard ecommerce services. You can also ship entire pallets or multiple pallets, whether you have a full truck load (TL) or less than a load (LTL). No matter how large your order is, whether it’s a single item, 100 items, or 1,000 items, you’ll have the options to ship them. Your available shipping methods include national parcel shipping (UPS, Fedex, USPS), international parcel shipping (DHL), LTL shipping, truckload shipping, inter modal rail shipping, and international LTL shipping, and ocean cargo shipping.

In addition, there are no limitations to your shipping vendors or locations. You can ship from one location to one location, from one location to multiple locations, from multiple locations to one location, or from multiple locations to multiple locations. No matter what your shipping needs are, you can get your products to wherever they need to be. EnterpriStore’s program will also find the cheapest freight option for you to minimize your shipping costs. This comes in handy when a customer selects a product that is available at multiple locations. Our program will show which manufacturing facility offers the product with the lowest freight cost, saving both you and your customers money.

EnterpriStore also has a program to create fast and accurate freight quotes. These are the exact same quotes you can receive at a much slower rate over the phone, fax, or email. You can even receive dual quotes for parcel LTL shipping, with included tracking and BOL generation information.