Ecommerce for Infor SX.e, FACTS and CloudSuite Distribution

HTML5 Ecommerce Mobile Responsive Platform

Site / Store

Site / Store Management

enterpriStore’s software excels in intuitive store management. 70 different areas allow you to edit every section of your ecommerce store. You can choose which info boxes you want to include on your website. There are a wide range of available info boxes, including an order history page, FAQ, blog, live support, and dozens more. The admin page enables you to quickly add or remove whichever pages you want. You can make your site as simple or as complex as you want by deciding which pages to add. With over 100 integrated third party programs (such as Youtube, Google ads, and Babel Fish), anything you could ever want to put on your site is possible.

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  • Store Settings & Management
  • 70 + Different Wysiwyg Areas
  • Email Templates – Wysiwyg Editing
  • Effortless Insert 3rd Party Scripts
  • Email Notifications – Direct Emails to Proper Department
  • Template Layout Allows Unlimited Layout Designs
  • Over 100 3rd Party Programs Integrated
store menu tab new1 Site / Store

Info Boxes

Info Boxes Site / Store

Infoboxes Configuration – Allows 3 Views from Clicking

Infoboxes Configuration Site / Store

Wysiwyg Areas

Wysiwyg Areas Site / Store

Freeflow Information Links

Freeflow Information Links Site / Store

Create Buy Buttons To Put On Other Sites – Linked Directly To enterpriStore

Create Buy Buttons To Put On Other Sites Site / Store

Ecommerce Website Features


  • Onsite Search
  • Ajax Search with auto hint
  • Advanced search :
  • Shopping Lists
  • By Categories
  • By Products
  • By Catalog / Product tree
  • By Auto Generated Sitemap
  • Translate – Instantly translate the web page into 27 Different Languages.
  • Localization to any Unicode supported language in the world
  • Customer Convenience
  • Wishlist
  • Shopping Lists – Make it easier for you customers to purchase more in less time..
  • Instant printable catalog of products and prices
  • Social Bookmarking at the bottom of every page and on every product detail
  • Email Page Link To a friend
  • RSS Product Descriptions & Printable product Catalog
  • Bookmark us
  • Save page as Adobe PDF
  • Save product with Price and Freight as Adobe PDF
  • Instant Freight lookup for Parcel or LTL
  • Customer Account Management
  • Account Login
  • Add ship to locations
  • Review order
  • Track shipping and delivery

Store Layout


  • Unlimited Store Designs
  • Regular – Vertical Left Menu
  • Regular – Vertical Right Menu
  • Regular – Both Menus – Left And Right
  • Horizontal Menu
  • Splash Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Catalog Pages
  • Web based product -Product Detail Pages
  • Distributor Login Pages
  • Create Your Own Layout Templates
  • Free Flow Pages Or Freeform Hybrid
  • Copy And Paste In Any Html, Php, Asp, Net, Java Page
  • Copy and Paste Code From Any Dreamweaver, Html Editor
  • Catalog Views – Row Or Tables
  • 3 Product Page Layouts
  • Product Detail Tabs
  • Hybrid Html / Php Page
  • Static For Seo, Dynamic When Hit
  • Site Manager / HTML WYSIWYG Editor
  • Visualedit, Ektron, Cute Editor For PHP, EasyEdit, Editlet
  • Google Sites
  • Template Wysiwyg HTML Editable areas – 30 Unique Locations
  • There are areas where you can insert your own content:
  • Html Pages
  • Html & Graphics
  • Adobe Flashes
  • 100% GUI Template Management
  • Control The Background, Colors, Fonts, Graphic Look And Feel For The Entire Site
  • Multiple Templates Per Site
  • 100% Template Controlled Means No Programming.
  • Change Look And Feel To Unlimited Configurations
  • Change colors and graphics, use gif backgrounds
  • Choose The Color And Theme For The Website
  • Fonts, Font Sizes, Font Colors, Backgrounds – Colors Or .jpg or .gif
  • Upload graphics from your desktop or from the image folder of your online server
  • 47 Different Infoboxes – Text, Graphics, Flash, Widgets, Create your own
  • Display Full page under the header of the program
  • Display Partial Page – Left menu is showing
  • Display as a New Page in a New Window
  • Create Custom Information Pages With Automatic Menu Creation
  • Place you own content pages anywhere in the site and be automatically linked.
  • Customizable Footer Links
  • Create your own footer menu with links to pages you desire..
  • Installatron & Fantastico Addons
  • Display Full page under the header of the program
  • Display Partial Page – Left menu is showing
  • Display as a New Page in a New Window