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Recently Viewed History

My Accounts – View Recent Browsing History

Every product viewed in the system is recorded and a complete record of all browsing history is kept on every customer. The customer can see their products viewed but we keep even more detailed records internally about their browsing and purchasing actions. We can use their history to make Recommendations for each customer that is unique to their buying desires.

  • Whats products did they view?
  • What products did they put in their shopping carts?
  • What products / orders were in the shopping cart and abandoned?
products recent history1 Recently Viewed History
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Recently Viewed History

EnterpriStore uses a comprehensive system to record a complete record of every customer’s browsing history. This is very useful for both your customers and for you as a business. Customers often want to view their recent history in order to find a product they were interested in. On their My Account page, customers can view a page of their recently viewed items. This list includes each product’s name and image. Customers can click on each item to be taken to that item’s product page, making it easy for customers to add those items to their cart or to a wish list to purchase later. It’s a handy tool that helps to ensure customers will never lose track of an item they’re interested in.

Customers will also see a scrolling box with their recent history on product pages they are viewing. This makes it easier for them to remember which products they have considered and to compare different products. It will also remind them of products they were interested in, which can help to increase sales.

Tracking customers’ viewing history also delivers a number of benefits to your business. EnterpriStore will track which products each customer viewed, which products they added to their shopping carts, and which products they added to their shopping carts and then abandoned. This record provides you with useful information for shaping your future inventory. You can also use customers’ viewing history in order to make customized recommendations. These customized recommendations, based on that customer’s unique buying interests, are significantly more likely to be effective than non-customized recommendations. Detailed record keeping can make a significant difference in the success of your ecommerce site, and EnterpriStore makes sure to log detailed information so that you can always make informed decisions.