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Catalog Quick Order

My Accounts – Quick Catalog Order

Customers can enter a Catalog part number into the input boxes and create a shopping cart. If the product does not exit, the customer will receive an instant error and let them know that this product model number does not exist. This ordering system will only accept and process products in the database.

quick orders Catalog Quick Order

Catalog Quick Order

Return customers on your site often know what they want, and they want to be able to order quickly. For this reason, we’ve included a link to the Catalog Quick Order page on the My Account page. This tool enables customers to quickly place an order without going through product pages. Customers may know product numbers if they have ordered that item before or if they have received a product catalog from you. They can use these numbers to place an order quickly, knowing that they are ordering precisely the items they want.

The Catalog Quick Order tool has been designed to be as streamlined as possible, consisting of only two steps. Customers simply enter the item number and quantity for each item they want. If a customer enters an incorrect item number, they’ll instantly receive an error notice notifying them that there is no product for that item number. This means that customers will never place orders with errors in them. The default page contains space for ten different items. If a customer wishes to order more than that, they can simply click the “show more item boxes” link, and they’ll be able to enter more.

In order to add all of the entered items to their cart, customers simply need to click “Add to Cart,” and then they can proceed to check out. This means that they can add many items to their cart at once. This makes the ordering process much faster than going through individual product pages. By helping to make the ordering process faster and easier, EnterpriStore is encouraging customers to place orders with you.