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Account Management

My Accounts – Account Management

  • Prepare and Submit Orders
  • View and Print Invoices
  • View Order Status
  • View Order History
  • View Saved Carts
  • View My Addresses
  • Manage Shopping List
  • Manage Wish List
  • Edit Billing, Mailing and Shipping Addresses.
  • Edit Customer Preferences Purchasing and Emailing Preferences
  • Add Users and Sub Users and give User system privileges.
mya manage users Account Management
mya new user Account Management

My Addresses

Customer Preferences

mya my preferences Account Management

Account Management

One of the most essential components in generating customer loyalty is to provide customers with their own accounts. In order to be effective, these accounts should provide customers with useful tools and be easy to use. EnterpriStore has made this a priority and designed customer accounts that provide customers with many possible actions. They manage wish lists and shopping carts and place orders, making it easier for them to purchase items they want. They can also review all the details of their history on your site. This includes their order history, the status of currently active orders, and invoices. These options make it easy for your customers to stay informed about their orders.

Customers also have tools at their disposal to efficiently customize and manage their accounts. On a simple Update and Edit Account Profile page, they can edit basic information such as their email address, password, and contact information. This page makes it easy for them to change their basic account information. Customers also have the option to add or delete users to their account. This is particularly useful for businesses, who may want multiple people to be able to place orders under the same account. The original user can assign customized user privileges to each new user. This means, for instance, that one user might be able to prepare wish lists but not to place orders, or one user might be able to view the account’s order history without editing the cart or placing orders. This allows accounts flexibility to match their business’s structure.

Customers are also able to add up to 50 addresses. They can choose which ones to use as their default shipping, mailing, and billing addresses. Adding this information to their accounts makes the ordering process faster and easier. Customers can also improve their user experience by customizing their preferences. They may customize which kinds of products they use, what kinds of products they purchase regularly, and what kinds of emails they would like to receive. These options ensure that their experience on your site will be as positive as possible.