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Manage Shopping Lists

My Accounts- Shopping List

Your customer can keep a special list of all their frequently purchased products for easy retrieval and ordering.When your customer is shopping – they can add any product to their Shopping List and continue shopping.Your customer can come to My Accounts and add products directly from this list to their current shopping cart.

mya manage shopping list Manage Shopping Lists

Popup Of Shopping List Show Product Details

mya shopping list popup1 Manage Shopping Lists

Manage Shopping Lists

Shopping Lists are an essential tool for customers to be able to save items they would like to by later. Most often, customers use a shopping list to save the items they purchase most frequently. This makes it fast and easy for customers to order those items in the future. As you know, in ecommerce it’s important to make ordering as easy as possible for your customers. EnterpriStore’s shopping list helps to accomplish this.

The shopping list is very easy to use. As your customers are shopping, they may add any product to their shopping list with a single click and then continue shopping. This means that they don’t have to leave the page they’re on in order to update their shopping list. Any items they add in this way will be saved within their shopping list for later use.

Once a customer has a shopping list, it’s very easy to either place an order from it or to edit it. The Manage Shopping List page shows an easy-to-read list of all the items saved to the shopping list, including their item number, price, and customized notes that the customer may add. In order to place an order, customers simply check a box next to each item they wish to order. If they want to order the entire shopping list, they can check a “select all” button. All of these items will be added to their cart, making it fast and easy to place an order.

The shopping list is complete with a number of handy tools to make management easier. If a customer has a long shopping list, they may choose to sort their list by manufacturer, product name, or item number. If they would like to see more details about one of the items on their list, they can click on that item to see a product details popup. This popup shows them all of the information they need without taking them away from their shopping list. Customers can also delete items from their list, print their list, or email their list. These tools make shopping and ordering as easy as possible.