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Customers can use our Quick order system to find products by Category or Manufacturer or Keyword search.

quick orders Ecommerce Quick Orders

Quick Orders 2

Return customers may know exactly what they want, and they may therefore want to place orders without reading through each product page. The Quick Order process enables your customers to quickly add multiple products to their cart, significantly speeding up the order process. On the Quick Order page customers can search for the products they want, searching by category, manufacturer, price range, or keyword. These search options mean that they can narrow down the search results to precisely what they’re looking for. The search results display the basic information a return customer would want: the product name, image, a brief description, and price.

When the customer has found the products they want to purchase, they simply update the quantity of each product using a scroll-down menu. Customers may update the quantity for any number of products. Once they have filled out the quantities they want, they simply click “Add to Cart” to simultaneously add all the items they have selected to their shopping cart. This process makes it easy to add multiple products at once. Customers can then use the search options to search for any other products they need and add them to their cart in the same way. Once they have added all the products they want, customers can review their cart and proceed to check out.

Because the “Add to Cart” button is right on the search results page, rather than on each individual product page,” placing a large order through the Quick Order page requires significantly less navigation. It’s a fast process that your return customers will appreciate.