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Loyalty Program

My Accounts – Loyalty Program

Allow your customers to see Loyalty points toward discounts on future purchase. Completely customizable for each Customer or Customer Group. This allows flexibilty in adminstering the program according to Customer purchasing tiers.

mya loyalty program Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a proven way to retain customers and increase sales. They provide an incentive for customers to keep coming back to your website and to purchase more. EnterpriStore has designed a simple tiered loyalty program that makes it easy for you to reward your return customers and increase your sales. The loyalty program is also completely customizable, so you can arrange it to suit your customer base perfectly.

On the My Account page, customers can see their progress towards earning loyalty points. The default structure for your ecommerce loyalty program is a tiered system that gives a greater discount as your customers spend more. For example, once a customer spends $1,000, you might give them a 5% discount. Once they spend $1,500, you might increase that discount to 7.5%. In the Loyalty Program section, customers will see which discount (if any) they are currently eligible for. They will also be able to track their progress towards greater discount. The page displays how much more they need to spend in order to qualify for the next discount. This provides a great incentive for customers to spend more.

You can completely customize your Loyalty Program. You can set the target amounts and discounts at whatever level you want. You can also customize different amount for different customer groups or even for individual customers. This grants you great flexibility to administer loyalty programs that will be effective for different customer tiers. For example, you may want to offer different kinds of discounts to businesses than to individuals. Customization is easy to implement and makes it simple for you to reward your customers in a way that makes sense for your business.