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Manage Wish Lists

My Accounts – Wish Lists

Shoppers frequently find a product that they would like to consider buying but not on the shopping day. They can add them to their Wishlist and they can come back later and buy.The process is easy – find a product and go that product page.Click on add to Wishlist and they added automatically to their Wishlist – if the customer is already logged in… Otherwise, they will be taken to their login and after they login – the product will be added to their Wishlist and they are returned to their last location.Wishlists are similar to Saved Carts except there is a single Wishlist.Customers can be reminded of the items in their Wishlists with email notification.

mya wish list Manage Wish Lists

Popup Of Shopping List Show Product Details

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Manage Wish Lists

Any ecommerce site needs a wish list to enable customers to save items they may wish to buy later. Shoppers frequently see a product they are interested in but do not want to buy immediately. Or they may wish to save a number of products to compare later. The wish list enables them to do this. From any product page, customers may add that product to their wish list. This saves the product so that they can return to buy it later. If a shopper is not yet logged in, clicking on “Add to Wish List” will direct them to log in to your website. Once they are logged in, the website will save the product to their wish list and then return them to their most recent page. If they are already logged in, the item will automatically be added to their wish list.

Customers can manage their wish list from the My Account section. The Manage Wish List Page displays a list of all the items within the customers’ wish list, including the item’s name, item number, price, and any note the customer has added. Customers may choose to sort this list by manufacturer, product name, or item number. If they are ready to buy any of the products in their wish list, they can simply check a box next to each product name and then click “Add to Cart.” A “Select All” button allows customers to quickly select all of the products in their wish list. This option makes it fast and easy to order all the items they have saved. They may also email or print the wish list for their records. If they wish to edit their list, they may delete individual items or add notes for themselves.