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Piwik Ecommerce

Piwik Ecommerce Web Analytics Screens

Piwik Web Analytics is fully integrated with our platform to analyze revenue, orders, conversion rates, average order values and detailed product statistics. See which products are the most popular and the highest conversion rates.
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Metrics To View and Analyze

  • Visits
  • Unique Visitors
  • Avg. Time On Website
  • Bounce Rate
  • Actions Per Visit
  • Maximum Actions In One Visit
  • Visits With Conversions
  • Pageviews
  • Unique Pageviews
  • Downloads
  • Unique Downloads
  • Outlinks
  • Unique Outlinks
  • Avg. Generation Time
  • Searches

Piwik Ecommerce Dashboard

piwik seo tracking dashboard Piwik Ecommerce

Ecommerce Sales Funnel


  • Ecommerce Order
  • Total Revenue
  • Average Order Value
  • Ecommerce Orders Conversion Rate
  • Purchased Products
Abandoned Carts
  • Visits With Abandoned Carts
  • Revenue Left In Cart
  • Visits With Abandoned Carts
sales funnel Piwik Ecommerce

Vistors Over View

visits over time Piwik Ecommerce

Vistors Map

visitor map Piwik Ecommerce

Vistors Over Time

evolution over the period Piwik Ecommerce

Vistors Log

visitor log Piwik Ecommerce

Vistors Device Types

vistor device type brand model Piwik Ecommerce
visitor mobile desktop language Piwik Ecommerce

Vistors Operating Systems

visitor os browser Piwik Ecommerce
visitor confgi os resolutions Piwik Ecommerce

Vistor Map

vistor map country region Piwik Ecommerce

Visits Per Local Time

visits per local time Piwik Ecommerce

Visits Per Server Time

visits per server time Piwik Ecommerce

Returning Vistors

returning visits duration Piwik Ecommerce

Entry Pages

actions entry pages1 Piwik Ecommerce

Exit Pages

actions exit pages Piwik Ecommerce

Page Titles – Views

actions page titles Piwik Ecommerce


referrers evolution over time Piwik Ecommerce

Website Goals

goals overview Piwik Ecommerce

New User Registrations Goals

goal new registrations Piwik Ecommerce

Detailed Conversion Data

goals conversions type of visit Piwik Ecommerce