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Business Intelligence Reports

Business Intelligence Reports

We have an exhasutive set of Ecommerce reports to keep you up to date on the daily activities of your website. Data can be viewed in table formats or drill down or in charts and graphs. If you can imagine it, there is a report for it. This is a small subset of reports and charts for Ecommerce.

Product Reports

  • Products Purchased
  • Product Notifications
  • Daily Products Report
best selling products Business Intelligence Reports
daily sales report Business Intelligence Reports

Customer Reports

  • Customer Statistics
  • Customer Zip/State Mismatch
  • Customers Not Validated
  • Customer Wish List
  • Customer Shopping list
  • Customer Orders Total
  • Customer Survey
best customers Business Intelligence Reports
customer orders statistics Business Intelligence Reports

Who Is Online

  • Order Listing
  • Sales Report
  • Monthly Sales/Tax
  • Recovered Sales
order listing variable dates Business Intelligence Reports
who is online Business Intelligence Reports

Supertacker SEO Reports

supertracker seo reporting Business Intelligence Reports
average clicks by referrer Business Intelligence Reports

Business Intelligence Reports

In order to make the best business decisions possible, you need the right business intelligence. EnterpriStore has created all the tools you need to be highly informed about the performance of your ecommerce website. EnterpriStore generates an exhaustive set of ecommerce reports to keep you informed about the daily activities of your website. Within these reports, you’ll be able to view data in the form of tables with drill down information, charts, or graphs: whatever you prefer to look over the data effectively. The set of available charts is wide-ranging; it covers every aspect of an ecommerce business. If you can imagine a need for the information, there’s a report for it.

Options for product reports include products purchases, product notifications, and daily products reports. A daily products report, for example, will show you the information about all of the products purchased for a specific day. EnterpriStore can also generate a number of reports about customer data, including general customer statistics, customer wish lists, and customer surveys. These reports can provide you with valuable insight into your customers’ needs and spending patterns. All of these reports can be customized for the time period of your choice. Choose a month, year, and (for some reports) day. You can generate reports for past months or years if you wish to look at past trends.

If you need instant information, EnterpriStore can generate a “Who’s Online” report to give you a snapshot of current activity on your ecommerce site. You can also create a range of reports related to SEO. You can view reports, for example, on your top referrers, keywords used, and top exit pages. This information can help you to shape your future SEO and marketing efforts so that you can draw in more traffic and generate more sales.