These are special features that are available in the Enterpristore Ecommerce platform but displayed uniquely by each site. Click on link in blue to be directed to that feature on a LIVE site.

enter2 Features Demo

Click on Shopping Cart in right upper corner

upper corner Features Demo

My Accounts

My Accounts Features Demo

My Settings
  • Edit Profile
  • My Addresses
  • Manage Users
My Orders
  • View Order History
  • View Saved Carts
  • Express Order
My Tools
  • Frequently Purchased
  • Save For Later / Notify Me
  • Warehouse Guide
  • Recently Viewed Items
  • Categories/Products Tree
  • Give Us Your Feedback

My Tools Features Demo

My Accounts – Manage User Permissions

My Accounts – View Order History

My Accounts – View Saved Carts

My Accounts – View Frequently Purchased

My Accounts – View Saved for Later / Notify Me

My Accounts – Recently Viewed Items

Catalog Quick / Express Order

Our Brands

Featured Products Tab

  • Featured Products
  • New Arrivals
  • Upcoming Products
  • Best Sellers
  • Featured Items
  • Promotions

Featured Products Features Demo

Index Page – Footer Links

Footer Links Features Demo

Social Media Connections

Social Media Features Demo

Warehouse Guide – Shopping List

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

Advanced Search

Product Page Types

Regular Product Page

Different tabs for different areas or full page layout
  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • Companion Products
  • Substitute products
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Reviews

Product Page Features Demo

On All Products Pages

  • Breadcrumb Trail
  • Multiple Images
  • Popup Larger Images
  • Delivery Time
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Link to All products by Manufacturer
  • Add to Frequently Purchased
  • Save for later
  • Email this Page
  • Share
  • Write a Review
  • Facebook Like
  • Pinterest Save
  • View all products in the same category

Products Features Demo

Upsells and Cross Sells

Product Pages – View Your Recent History

Product with Attributes

Product with Sub- products

Product Sub Products for mechanical drawings

Category Page – Notify me

Product Page – Notify me

Sub Products Page – Notify me

Category Page – Not enough inventory

Put in 99 in Quantity – Comes back with more information – we don’t have enough in your warehouse – you will need to get from another warehouse.

Category enough inventory Features Demo

Product Page – Not enough inventory

If inventory is low in your default warehouse then other buying options are displayed.

Not enough inventory Features Demo

Warehouse Guide – Not enough inventory

Will allow the products to be entered into the cart and the inventory issues will be shown on the Shopping cart page.

Warehouse Guide  Features Demo

Shopping Cart – Not enough inventory

Must change order sizes to proceed.

Shopping Cart Features Demo

In Your Cart

Shopping Cart

When there isn’t enough inventory in the home default warehouse for a customer, then fulfillment can be found in other warehouses.

Shopping Cart1 Features Demo

Customer Service Tools

Email a cart and Save in My Account for use later
Review Order – Sends the cart to Customer service with a note to review

Customer Service  Features Demo


Shipping is calculated from each warehouse to the customer.
Shipping methods can be different for every warehouse and every product.

Checkout Features Demo

Payment Options

  • Mail in Check
  • Purchase Order
  • On Account
  • Quote

Payment Options Features Demo

  • Payment by Credit Card
  • Payment by Bank Transfer

Payment Options2 Features Demo

Checkout Confirmation Page

Online Catalog Connection

Click on Catalog and be linked to a specific page.

Catalog Connection Features Demo

We can give you any design you desire.
Or you can lay out your graphics via WYSIWYG areas.

rwsmithco Features Demo

Click on Shop Products

Click on Shop Products Features Demo

We can create any menu you desire.

Click here

First – Live site search

Search by Keyword, Item # or Product Name, product description words
Type in search box – sil
3 letters
Look at the results
  • Search suggestions
  • Products suggestions
  • Full results for silverware suggestion

First Live site search Features Demo

Scroll down to the footer

See links to WYSIWYG Information content pages

Scroll down Features Demo

Landing page and collections to highlight products

Landing and Collection page allow you to showcase product lines in a SEO friendly manner.

Landing page  Features Demo

Category Pages

WYSIWYG area for content and image
Featured Manufacturers

Category Pages Features Demo

Next level down – same structure

WYSIWYG area for content and image
Featured Manufacturers
Another WYSIWYG area for content and image

Next level down Features Demo

Third level of category layout

Final area for products

  • Guided / Faceted Navigation of left
  • Filters to view products
  • Banners for specials
  • Ability to select and compare products

Final area Features Demo

Quick view on Category page

Quick view Features Demo

Quick view2 Features Demo

Product Page

Click on Shopping car icon on upper right hand corner. Shows the mini cart and takes to the Shopping cart for checkout.

Shopping Cart Page

  • Free Freight warning
  • Promo codes
  • Estimate shipping
  • Needs assistance – popup to contact us page
  • Email the cart
  • Save the cart

Shopping Cart Features Demo

The mailed catalog has an online version that connects directly to the desired product
Hover over a product and click and you will be taken to the product.

marlobeauty2 Features Demo

Pro to Pro – Article Depository

Pro to Pro Features Demo

Click here and be taken to this section of the website highlighting these product
Ability to record all the hits for each article in Admin

pro2pro Features Demo

Account Login customizations

Deals and Promos and Coupons


Create an area with closeout specials.

Closeouts Features Demo

Banners – Auto Create based on Sales Status

Create the sales situation and a banner will be auto added.
  • Free Deal
  • On Sale
  • Percent Off

Banners Features Demo

Banners2 Features Demo

Southern Hobby Features Demo


Notifications Features Demo

Calendar when Product will be available

Category Layouts – Featured Product for each section

Orders due for Pre-orders

Shopping Cart – Live and Pre-Orders

Two (2) shopping carts
Live items – buy today
Pre-Orders – reserve a quantity and auto purchase when the arrival day comes

Shopping Cart Features Demo