Ecommerce for Infor SX.e, FACTS and CloudSuite Distribution

HTML5 Ecommerce Mobile Responsive Platform

Top Reasons To Consider Us For Your Ecommerce Program

Top Reasons To Consider Us For Your Ecommerce Program

  • Review our site and you will see we have virtually every feature you could desire.
  • If we are missing something you want – let us know and we will add.
  • You will find that we offer an Ecommerce platform that rivals Ecommerce providers who charge 50-100K plus.
best practices reasons why Top Reasons To Consider Us For Your Ecommerce Program

Rich Feature Set Easy To Navigate Layout Intuitive Checkout Process

Usability, Intuitiveness Easy To Find and Understand Accessibility To Information

Code Design And Speed Database Design And Speed Easy Administration

Mobile Ready

  • HTML 5 platform displays flawlessly on all platforms.
  • Make your site accessible to everyone and generate more business

Performance / Ease Of Use

  • Our program has been optimized to display a page in the fastest possible way.
  • It is true – well designed code is both efficient and fast.
  • We are fast & stable and a joy to use.

Customization / Programming

  • Ecomstor has a monster but fixed feature set.
  • If you need Ecommerce to be customized and programmed exactly to your accounting and ERP requirements then enterpriStore is your choice.

Shipping Methods -Parcel – LTL

  • Our freight shipping processing is one of the most comprehensive ways to handle all shipments.
  • Freight prices can either make or break every Ecommerce transaction.

Merchandising / Promotions

  • Ecommerce Best Practices provides the easiest ways for your customer to find a product and checkout.
  • It is also helpful to get them to throw more in the basket than they were thinking about buying.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

  • We redesigned our entire site setup around the most efficient way to yield the best and most search engine optimization.
  • We have not missed a trick and even have a few really cool (patentable) ways to make sure you get listed properly.