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Program Site Conversions

Now, this is where it gets fun…. Site and Data Conversion. This process is very easy and foolproof. We have tested it and tested it until we have perfected the transfer.
Site Conversion:
We can take a copy of your entire site and copy it over to our servers. Everything will be copied from your current location and put on a new server with Ecomstor loaded. You now will have an identical website cloned on another server, all the files, images and databases completely setup and functional. Total transfer time…minutes.
business meeting2 Program Site Conversions

Database Conversion:
We can take your existing osCommerce program data or osCommerce second generation program ( Creloaded, Zencart, OSC Max ) and transfer the entire database from your program directly into Ecomstor. One script does it all. We then transfer all the pictures and files from your FTP account and you are ready to go. Total transfer time… minutes.
Now.. you site is setup on the Ecomstor platform with all the files, images and databases transferred over. Ready to go… Caveat. We will need to make some adjustments as Ecomstor uses many other fields in our databases so you will need to add some new data…
Easy To Do:
You can do it yourself or we will do it for a small service fee.

conversion Program Site Conversions