Custom B2B Ecommerce Integration for Infor SX.e, FACTS and CloudSuite Distribution

#1 – Best Practices Ecommerce Design and SEO For the Distribution Industry

Enterpristore – Front End Features

Enterpristore – Admin Control Panel

Infor ERP Solutions – SX.e, FACTS and Cloud Suite Distribution on the Amazon Web Services platform
Infor ERP is the most powerful system available for managing the complex demands of the distribution industry. Infor Distribution ERP’s gives you unparalleled control in managing thousands of transactions, suppliers, and customers-while tracking tens of thousands, if not millions, of items.
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Enterpristore Ecommerce is fully integrated with Infor SX.e. 10 & 11, FACTS and CloudSuite Distribution using Soap and REST web services with WSDL request/response in XML format. Integration also available for Infor ERP FACTS, A+. Includes detailed logs of all transactions.

Bi-directional flow of data between Enterpristore & Infor ERP depending on data type.

  • Customers – Real-time contract/customer-specific pricing from Infor ERP or Enterpristore.
  • Order History – Retrieves current open orders, current pre-orders and order history directly from Infor ERP or Enterpristore.
  • Open & Paid Invoices– Retrieves current open & closed invoices directly from Infor ERP or Enterpristore.
  • Products Catalog – Real-time inventory and pricing information based on multiple warehouses.
  • Order Processing – Submits from Enterpristore shopping cart to Infor ERP to create orders or quotes or pre-orders for future sales.
  • CenPOS Payment Processing – Tokenize Customer Data – This allows for easy and flexible customer billing, as CenPOS converts payment data into a secure token for safe and convenient recurring billing of regular customers.

Preferred Optimized Installation

The primary data repository is Infor SX.e.
Data uploaded and updated via Infor SX.e API to Web Based Ecommerce – Enterpristore.
Data stored in MySQL / Maria Database on Solid State Drives.

Secondary Installation Method

The primary data repository is Infor SX.e.
Data retrieved for each Ecommerce call directly from Infor SX.e server.
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