Catalog-Setup Tabs

  • Categories
  • Complete Customizable of the Look and Feel of all Categories
  • Each Category can have a special look and feel.
  • Multiple Products Manager
  • Multiple Products Updater
  • Multiple Products Mover
  • Products Attributes / Options
  • Faceted Extra Fields
  • Image Manager
  • Word Clouds – Category Header
  • Featured Manufacturers with Logos and Links
  • Set Order of Display Of Product based Manufacturers, Alpha, Price, Manual Order
catalog new menu tab 01 Catalog Admin
view live demo ecommerce feature enterpristore enterprise ltl Catalog Admin
category catalog structure layout Catalog Admin

Category / Category Name & Description

category tab01 Catalog Admin

Category / Catalog – Keywords and Meta Tags

category catalog keywords meta tags Catalog Admin

Category / Catalog Word Cloud Settings

category tab03 Catalog Admin

Category / Catalog Manufacturer Order Of Products

category tab04 Catalog Admin

Category / Catalog Special Page Formatting

category tab05 Catalog Admin