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You Have Total Control Over Adding Extra Content To Each Area of The Site

Every Page – Top (1000px)
Every Page – Bottom (1000px)
Every Page – Header (1000px)
Every Page – Footer (1000px)
Main Page – Top (1000px)
Main Page – Bottom (1000px)
Main Page – Content Top (700px)
Main Page – Content Bottom (700px)

Category Page – Top (1000px)
Category Page – Bottom (1000px)
Category Page – Content Top (700px)
Category Page – Content Bottom (700px)

Product Page – Top (1000px)
Product Page – Bottom (1000px)
Product Page – Content Top (700px)
Product Page – Content Bottom (700px)
Product Page – Right Side (150px)

Search Page – Top (1000px)
Search Page – Bottom (1000px)
Search Page – Content Top (700px)
Search Page – Content Bottom (700px)

Login Page – Top
Login Page – Bottom
Login Page for Group – Top

Create Account – Top
Create Account – Bottom
Create Account – Right Side (300px)

My Account – Top
My Account – Bottom

Order Status – Top
Order Status – Bottom
Order Status – Right Side (200px)

Shopping Cart – Top
Shopping Cart – Bottom
Shopping Cart – Right Side (150px)

Checkout w/out Account – Top
Checkout w/out Account – Bottom
Checkout w/out Account – Right Side (300px)
Checkout Shipping – Top
Checkout Shipping – Bottom
Checkout Shipping – Right Side (200px)
Checkout Payment – Top
Checkout Payment – Bottom
Checkout Payment – Right Side (200px)
Checkout Confirmation – Top
Checkout Confirmation – Bottom
Checkout Confirmation – Right Side (200px)
Checkout Success – Top
Checkout Success – Bottom

Email Templates – Top
Email Templates – Bottom

Printable Invoice / Packing Slip – Top
Printable Invoice / Packing Slip – Bottom
Printable Quote – Top
Printable Quote – Bottom

Clearance Page – Top
On Sale Page – Top
Sustainable Page – Top
Tria Page – Top

Contact Us Page – Top
Contact Us Page – Right Side (250px)
Quick Order – Top

Write Review – Content Top (700px)
Write Review – Content Bottom (700px)
Tell a Friend – Top (1000px)
Tell a Friend – Bottom (1000px)
Tell a Friend – Content Top (700px)
Tell a Friend – Content Bottom (700px)
Splash Page
“Free Flow” Layout

CRM Landing Page

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